The Top 10 Baby Boy Names in 2019 Thus Far

It's a boy!

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2019’s Trending Boy Names

Now that Baby Sussex has been given the unique name Archie, we can all breathe a little easier knowing our future baby name hasn’t been taken by the most beloved little one of 2019. However, there’s still the matter of ranking 2019’s most popular names thus far. The trends include everything from vintage revivals to "Game of Thrones" characters. See which monikers parents are drawn to this year.


While surely not hurt by the popularity of hunky silver screen star Liam Hemsworth, this less-complicated version of William may be both familiar and different enough to stay perched at the top. Meaning “strong-willed warrior and protector,” Liam skyrocketed from 2008 to 2015 in popularity, but has slowed its still-increasing incline in recent years.


Noah dethroned the popular name Jake in 2013 and hasn’t stopped its quest for total domination since. Will it grab the title from Liam? The name, meaning “rest,” “comfort” or “repose,” clocks in at four letters, just like Liam. However, the meaning behind the name offers a sense of security while still retaining a modern, hipster quality.


Logan, a Scottish name meaning “small hollow,” has seen its share of ups and downs but has been on the rise since 2016. Perhaps it’s because of parents who watched Marvel’s "Wolverine" or the Scottish heritage of many Americans. Whatever it may be, it seems as though Logan is hanging its hat and making itself at home in the top 10 for a while.


Could you get more classic than James? From actual royalty to the "King James" shown here, this name, meaning “supplanter,” claims more presidents than any other.


From Oliver Stone to Oliver Platt, there’s a mold-breaking, iconoclastic connotation to the name Oliver, meaning “olive tree.” As a popular name in British and commonwealth culture, it is often playfully shortened to Ollie. There’s an intellectual ring to the name, which skyrocketed in popularity from 2012 to 2016, with over 12,560 baby boys expected to be named Oliver in 2019.


Elijah has a strong religious bent but, like many other traditional names (we’re looking at you, Ezra) is unique and quirky enough to take on a surprisingly hip tone. Meaning “Yahweh is God,” Elijah was an old testament prophet and famed hobbit Frodo of "Lord of the Rings" was played by the most famous Elijah in Hollywood, Elijah Wood.


Benjamin is still in favor with 12,414 boys expected to hold the name this year. However, it’s been in a slow decline since 2016, with an expected 2,000 fewer names this year than three years ago.


Another conventional name sliding down the chart is William, which contains the no. 1 name, Liam, within it, but may be too old-fashioned and fussy to stay on the charts in a year or two. Could it be the golden boy era of Prince Will is over? Could we see his younger sibling Harry, a less stuffy and more modern prince, climb the charts instead?


Lucas means “light-bringing” or “bright.” The name is sadly in the news this year due to the death of Beverly Hills 90210 star, Luke Perry. The name, which is popular among both Christian parents and Lucasfilm-loving Gen X’ers, has been on a steady rise since 2003 and shows no signs of slowing.


Mason will just hold on at no. 10 with 11,160 boys in 2019 set to be bestowed with the name meaning “one who works with stone.” Kourtney Kardashian chose Mason as her son’s name, no doubt tipping the scales in the name’s favor every time she Instagrammed a photo of him. Several athletes named Mason top the list of famous folks and that sportiness only increases the strong, stalwart image derived from the job of a stonemason.

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