The Top 10 Baby Girl Names in 2019 Thus Far

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2019’s Trending Girl Names

Though 2019 hasn’t yet come to an end, baby name trends for the year are already emerging Parents are finding inspiration in literary classics and beloved "Game of Thrones" characters. See which names for girls are on the rise.


Emma Stone. Emma Watson. Emma Roberts. Meaning “universal,” the name Emma has been in favor since…well, since before Jane Austen decided it was the “It Girl” name of 1816. predicts that Emma will be the no. 1 name of 2019 but, with so many celebs and YouTube stars carrying the name, will its classic reign hold steady in 2019? Something tells us that quite a few parents will be turning over a new leaf in favor of more unconventional names.


The Social Security Administration’s most recent statistics say Olivia is the most popular name in New York state, the third most popular in California and the second most popular nationwide. Stemming from the Latin word for “olive,” this ancient name heralds back to the 13th century and was popularized by Shakespeare’s character Countess Olivia from "Twelfth Night."


Ava is on the rise! predicts this elegant name will gain popularity in 2019. As a sweet, short and palindromic name meaning “bird,” this moniker is championed by classic film star Ava Gardner, "Wrinkle in Time" director Ava DuVernay and Reese Witherspoon’s daughter, Ava Philippe.


The regal name Isabella is still popular, but we have reason to believe it’s on its way out. According to, this name, meaning “devoted or pledged to God,” has seen some wild fluctuations in popularity since 2003 and has been on a steady decline since 2010.


Nameberry's front-runner is a left-field shocker! As a British nickname for Josephine, Posie is a flowery name that’s stylish today, like Poppy, Marigold and Clover, and is a name for an independent, determined, charismatic girl who will find friends and success everywhere she goes.


We all know royal names are watched like hawks and Princess Charlotte’s is no exception. However, the princess' mother, Kate Middleton, isn’t the only one who loves the name: Gen X’ers and millennials like Chelsea Clinton, Colin Hanks, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. also chose the name for their daughters. The duchess has even honed in on a cute nickname for Charlotte, shortening it to Lottie. As the youngster gets more attention this year, the name will soar.


Evelyn comes in seventh place on Ranker's list of 2019 names. Hailing from the French “Aveline,” meaning hazel, the name hasn’t been popular since 1939, but vintage names have been all the rage. Bruce Willis and Carey Mulligan both picked the name for their daughters and with good reason: it’s a stylish, lovely and old-fashioned choice that’s coming back into vogue.


Gen X and older millennials remember storybooks featuring Amelia Bedelia and school reports on Amelia Earheart. The name seems to trumpet a tough, intelligent industriousness, so there’s no wonder it comes from the German “Amalia,” which in turn is derived from “amal,” meaning “work.” With more babies being named after "Game of Thrones" characters, fervor for the hit HBO show also propeled “Emilia” into the top 20, owing to Mother of Dragons actor Emilia Clarke.


Whether it’s because of all the beautiful eclipses and supermoons this year or social media impresario Chrissy Teigen’s influence, Luna is a bright name for 2019. There was a sharp increase in the popularity of this mysterious, heavenly name between 2015 and 2017, rising from 2,700 namesakes to 5,320.


Another "Game of Thrones" name, Arya broke the top 200 in 2017. Meanwhile, the alternate spelling, Aria, was the 20th most popular girls’ name in the U.S. that same year. This beautiful title means “air” in Italian, “from gold” in Albanian, “lioness of God” in Hebrew and “noble” in Persian.

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