Tips for Seeing the Biggest Summer Blockbusters with Your Littlest Moviegoers

Pass the popcorn!

By: Amanda Mushro

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Make Movie Viewings a Hit

With so many family-friendly movies hitting the theaters, now is the perfect time to take your kiddos and catch a few of their favorite characters on the big screen. Going to see a movie is a drastically different experience than watching one at home, so if you are feeling a little nervous about taking your littlest movie fan into a theater, here’s a few tips to make your outing a blockbuster hit:

Skip the Previews

While it can be fun to see a sneak peek of new movies, fifteen to twenty minutes of previews and then the main attraction might be too long for your little one to sit still. To make sure you don’t miss the ending of the movie, time your entrance to skip the previews.

Sharing is Caring When it Comes to Movie Snacks

Save a few dollars and make snacking during the movie easier with these tips. Get the large popcorn but ask for small bags or drink carriers for each child. This way you can split up the popcorn and not have to pass the large bucket back and forth. Same goes for drinks. Divide a large drink into smaller cups with lids and straws to save money—and big messes.

Ask for Reviews from Friends Who Have Seen the Movie

Even movies made for kids can be a bit scary for younger ones, or too sad for kiddos with big feelings. Ask friends who have seen the movie to give you their mom-review so you can choose the best film for your little one.

Catch the Movie on the Way Out

Rather than getting in line on opening weekend, take your kids to see a movie once it has been in theaters for a few weeks. This way there will be less people in the theater, you’ll have access to better seat, and, if your kids aren’t feeling the movie or get noisy, you won’t have to worry about them being a distraction.

Choose the Right Time

Skip late movies or times that are too close to meal time or nap time. Try the earliest showing when your kids are feeling movie-ready and theaters are less crowded.

Family Showings

Check local theaters to see if they offer family movie showings where families are encouraged to come, even if they have infants and toddlers that may be noisy.

Try Again Later

So, what can you do if you’ve planned your movie experience perfectly, but your kids are not having it? No need to stress about it. Just grab your popcorn and try again another day. Most theaters will issue a credit so you can catch another movie later.

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