Upgrade Your Tween's Room without Spending a Fortune

Before you say no to a room upgrade, check out a few ways to help your tween explore their personal style and redecorate their room without breaking the bank.

August 23, 2017
By: Amanda Mushro

When you have a tween, the bedroom they used to love immediately becomes uncool. They don't want a room meant for a kid. They want a fabulous space that is all about who they are now. Sounds great but a complete room makeover can cost you a pretty penny. Before you say no to a room upgrade, check out a few ways to help your tween explore their personal style and redecorate their room without breaking the bank.

Photo by: Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess

Paint too permeant? Use washi tape instead. A quick coat of paint is the easiest way to add color and change a room, but if you aren't looking to splash bright colors on the walls just yet, washi tape can change the entire look of the room. The best part, it won't damage the walls or the paint. Use the washi tape to create a mural, put it on outlets and light switches, or dress up a boring doorway.

Photo by: Target


Bring in pops of color and save money with beddings sets. Instead of buying pieces of bedding separately, you can save big purchasing beddings sets that include everything your tween needs to transform their bed from childish to super chic. This bohemian inspired comforter and pillows from Target would be the perfect inspiration for a new bedroom design. Grab a few inexpensive pillows and let your tween DIY a few throw pillows using stencils, craft paint, and tie-dye.

Create a fresh and fabulous gallery wall for your tween's room with inspirational signs and quotes that can be found just about anywhere these days. Grab a few inexpensive frames and use bright and bold craft paint to make them only look like you have spent a lot of money. If you are nervous about hanging the items on your wall or creating a layout, start by cutting out paper the same size as the items you are going to hang. Use tape to attach everything to the wall so you can move the items around and rearrange until you and your tween find the perfect spot. You can also find inspiration here for different gallery wall layouts.

Photo by: Sorta


DIY a headboard for sweet dreams. Change up an existing headboard or make a brand new one with a few simple DIYS. Imagine the sweet dreams your tween will have with these lights behind their bed. Start by hanging sheer curtains on a curtain rod close to the ceiling, and then hang strings of lights behind the curtain for a soft, twinkle behind their bed.

Photo by: House Tweaking

House Tweaking

This DIY Love headboard only looks like you spent big bucks to have it made, but all you need is a quick trip to the hardware store for supplies.

Photo by: Photo JoJo

Photo JoJo

Decorate with pictures to create personal decor. Your tween probably has just as many pictures on their phones as we do. So use those fun pics to decorate their room. Create a photo clock.

Photo by: Woo Home

Woo Home

Or create a garland or banner of pictures with clothespins and string.

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