Emily and Sasha's Family Is Growing!

Read on for the couple's adorable announcement, and catch them on 90 Day Foody Call, now streaming on discovery+!

Photo by: Instagram: @emily.larina

Instagram: @emily.larina

Congratulations, Emily and Sasha! The 90 Day couple made a very special family announcement on June 8. Emily took to Instagram with a photo of their son, David, and his shirt said it all!

The proud mama captioned her photo, "I was going to wait a little longer to announce, but since my husband posted this pic in his story for me, why not now? It is true! We are expecting a baby in January 2022."

The couple didn’t plan on making their announcement so soon, but after David got carsick, his "Promoted to Big Brother" shirt was the closest top his parents could find for a fresh change. Sasha posted a shot of their little one in his new shirt and the rest was history!

Emily and Sasha are so excited, but they aren’t the only ones. The parents are absolutely feeling the love from fans, strangers, loved ones, and even a few fellow 90 Day Fiance alumni.

Kenny left a comment on the post and joked, "So cute and big big congrats!!!! You weren’t only cooking in the kitchen!!!" (Emily and Sasha are cooking together on 90 Day Foody Call, streaming now on discovery+!)

Congratulations to the whole family! We can’t wait to meet baby #2!

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