Joe and Kendra: Gender Reveal for Baby #2!

Baby Duggar #2 on the way for Joe and Kendra!

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Joe and Kendra Duggar on Sibling Bonding

A few months into Garrett's new role as big brother to baby Addison, Joe and Kendra reflect on their kids' relationship and their own childhood memories with their siblings.

Oh baby oh baby! Exciting news from this soon-to-be family of four…Joe and Kendra are expecting a baby GIRL!

“Parenting has already proven to be more wonderful than we could have dreamed.” says the couple, who just celebrated their son Garrett’s first birthday.

“Even though we come from large families, there is nothing like having your own children. We are so thrilled that a little girl will be joining our family! Garrett is going to be such a great big brother.”

Kendra surprised Joe with the news back in February—just see his expression in their announcement video!

The family revealed the gender of baby #2 at Garrett’s first birthday party, where the one-year-old smashed into his cake, revealing the pink frosting filling inside. Sounds like the perfect sweet surprise!

2019 is proving to be the year of Duggar babies.

Like Joe and Kendra, Joy and Austin Forsyth welcomed their firstborn son last year and are eagerly awaiting baby number two. Boy or girl? They haven’t shared any news yet!

Ben and Jessa Seewald are also fans of surprises! They kept baby #3’s gender a secret, and shocked the family when their baby girl arrived just a few weeks ago (watch her birth special here!)

But there is one couple bursting with news! Click HERE to see Josiah and Lauren’s gender reveal.

We’re so thrilled for Joe, Kendra, big brother Garrett and their baby girl on the way! Congratulations to the Duggars and all the growing families of Counting On.

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