Discuss Unexpected Episode Five

Unexpected can help you start healthy conversations about love, sex, and relationships.

October 17, 2012

McKayla is forced to choose sides when she must decide whom she wants in the delivery room. James learns some shocking facts about childbirth from his sister. And the stresses of the newborn baby tear Lexus and her mother apart.

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Talking is Power

When teens have open and informed conversations with parents, trusted mentors, and champions about love, relationships, sex, pregnancy, and birth control, they are better able to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant. This empowers them to have better opportunities for their futures.

Teens say that parents and other trusted adults--more than peers, partners, or pop culture--matter most when it comes to decisions about sex. Unexpected can help you start the conversation now.

Complicated Relationships

  • When McKayla is preparing for the hospital, there's a lot of disagreement about the car seat.
    • What do you think it takes for teens to be physically and financially prepared to be parents?
    • Would you have known that you need a car seat installed to take the baby home? What are some of the other necessities babies need right away?
  • Tim stresses that they should be focused on making sure the baby is okay and that everything can go well. Who do you think is the most mature in this situation? Why?
    • Does Tim remind you of anyone in your life?
  • McKayla understand that Caelan's job with the moving company is the best thing he can do for their family, but it's bad for her. Do you think that this is a sign that McKayla is starting to think like a mom?
    • What would you be willing to put up with if you knew it was best for your family?
  • Lexus gets her first Saturday out with the girls while Scarlett stays home with Kelsey. She says she only has two friends and that since she got pregnant, people don't like her.
    • Why do you think she feels this way? How would you feel if you were in her situation?
    • If you found out a friend of yours was pregnant, how would that affect your friendship?
  • Lexus says that everybody has relationship problems that they need to work out. She feels lucky to have a boyfriend that stayed because most don't, but she wishes he was easier to talk to.
    • What qualities do you think are "must-haves" to make a relationship strong and healthy?
  • James says co-parenting won't be hard--you'll wing it. The example he gives is if they want the baby to wear different outfits.
    • Co-parenting is so much more than what babies wear. What advice would you give to James?
    • What do you think will happen when they disagree about something really major?

Takeaway: Like all families, the relationships we see on Unexpected are complicated. Babies make the need for clear, honest communication even more important. What do you think is the best way to keep the lines of communication open between parents and teens? What about communication in a romantic relationship?

Moms and Daughters

  • Cindy says that Shannon makes every situation about herself, even when it should be about someone else. Do you know anyone who does that?
    • How do you think that affects McKayla? How do you think that will affect the baby?
  • Shannon says McKayla doesn't want conflict so she's playing every side of the fence, but Shannon says she needs to take a side. She then calls Shelley a bad word in front of Caelan.
    • How would you feel if your parents acted this way? What would you say to Shelley?
  • Lexus says she looks forward to her mom coming home so she has a minute to herself after taking care of Scarlett all day. As a new parent, taking care of yourself is one of the best ways to take care of your baby.
    • How do you think Lexus could better manage her stress?
  • Kelsey is angry at Lexus for not sticking up for herself. She's concerned about how Shayden would treat Lexus if she wasn't there. Lexus says that Scarlett shouldn't be talked to like that and neither should she.
    • Do you think being a mom gives Lexus some new perspective?
    • How would you respond to someone treating one of your friends like that? What would you say to Shayden?
  • When they sit together on the couch, Kelsey says that Lexus' communication went out the window. Lexus says that Kelsey doesn't know how she feels, which really ticks Kelsey off. She's been through it and knows exactly how Lexus feels.
    • Why do you think this bothers Kelsey so much? What advice would you give Kelsey in this situation?

Takeaway: The moms and daughters in Unexpected are going through a lot of big changes in how they relate to each other in their new roles as parents and grandparents. Since all the moms know exactly what it's like to be a teen mom, emotions are running even higher. What can parents say to their teens to help them learn from their own experiences? What makes a parent easier or harder to talk to?

The Labor of Labor

  • James doesn't know what a contraction is. He says he can be there, but birth is Lilly's responsibility. Lilly says his role should be comforting since the baby will have a big head. These two don't seem like they are prepared for labor--or parenthood--at all.
    • How do you think parenthood will affect their relationship?
  • On the way to the hospital, Tim and Cindy try to help McKayla by talking about breathing and Lamaze techniques. Tim says she'll be fine and holds her hand. It's a really sweet moment.
    • What do you think Tim and Cindy are really thinking? Why?
  • While in the waiting room, Shelley gets a text that says McKayla is about to have the baby. She starts crying and says it's so crazy that it's actually happening. It seems like it doesn't get real until the baby actually arrives.
    • What do you want to have in place in your life before you think about pregnancy and parenthood?
  • Do you think Darlene should be a little bit more concerned about how little James knows about babies? Since she was a teen mom too, what do you think she's feeling?
    • What could she do to get him to step up more?

Takeaway: Babies need and deserve all the love, attention and support they can get, 24/7. These families have all come together once the girls go into labor. But it's not a baby's job to bring a couple or a family together. Most teens have never thought about how a pregnancy would affect their lives. Did this episode of Unexpected make you think about what your life would be like with a baby right now?

Did you know?

  • Roughly 1 in 4 girls gets pregnant by age 20.
  • Daughters of teen mothers are more than three times as likely to become teen moms themselves.
  • Having the power to decide if and when to get pregnant increases young people's opportunities to be healthy, to complete their education and to pursue the future they want.

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