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Unexpected can help you start healthy conversations about love, sex, and relationships.

December 17, 2017

McKayla's baby's name is met with lots of happy tears. Shayden struggles with Kelsey's rules and Lexus feels like her mom is pushing her away. Lilly gets more than she bargained for when she tries to induce labor. Caelan surprises McKayla with a bold proposition.

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Talking is Power:

When teens have open and informed conversations with parents, trusted mentors, and champions about love, relationships, sex, pregnancy, and birth control, they are better able to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant. This empowers them to have better opportunities for their futures.

Teens say that parents and other trusted adults--more than peers, partners, or pop culture--matter most when it comes to decisions about sex. Unexpected can help you start the conversation now.


  • Tim and Shelley are crying together in the waiting room while McKayla is in labor. What would you be feeling if you were in their position?
  • Lilly is crying and freaking out her water broke. Glenn cleans up the mess that happened--he seems like a trooper!
    • How did you feel when you watched this intense moment unfold?
    • How does this portrayal of pregnancy and parenthood differ from what most teens see in the media?
  • Kim comforts Lilly on the way to the hospital and reflects on how her mom must have felt when she took her to deliver a baby at 16.
    • Ask the teen in your life: what do you want to have in place before you think about having a child?
  • Lexus said she didn't feel a connection with Scarlett in the beginning--why do you think that is?
    • Lexus needed time to grow into motherhood and get the hang of having a newborn. What kind of support do you think she needs most right now?
  • Shayden and Lexus are figuring out how to take care of Scarlett and how they are going to last two more years without living together.
    • Do you think they will still be together then? Why or why not?
    • Shayden talks about getting married. Do you think that's realistic?
  • McKayla and Caelan chose to name the baby after Grandpa Tim because he was the father figure in her life growing up. Everyone is overcome with emotion and Tim starts to cry too.
    • What are some ways that dads make a difference in babies' lives?

Takeaway: As Lilly and McKayla join Lexus in the ranks of motherhood, everyone feels joy, pride, and deep love for their babies. They also feel stressed by the huge responsibilities they face. Becoming a parent brings the young moms closer to their own moms. Does anything about this mix of emotions surprise you? Did this episode help you imagine how a pregnancy would affect your life right now?

Life After Baby:

  • Lilly finally has the baby! She says it's the best feeling in the world to finally meet your baby and know you have to take care of them forever. Babies need and deserve love and support 24/7--and so do their parents.
    • What advice would you give Lilly right now?
  • James said he just started to realize they have their own family now and he has to take care of them.
    • Do you think he will step up, take care of his family, and stick around? Why or why not?
    • What would you say to James if you could give him one piece of advice right now?
  • Caelan cries when he sees his son, and McKayla says she loved seeing how much Caelan loves Timmy and for sticking around. Shelley said she wants Caelan to be everything for his son that his dad wasn't to him.
    • How do you think Caelan will be as a dad?
    • He's been really supportive up to this point--do you think that will continue? Why or why not?
  • McKayla wants to get married when she turns 18 and Shayden said he'll be proposing to Lexus when she turns 18 too.
    • Caelan proposes but it isn't a particularly romantic moment--she says "yeah." Why do you think it wasn't more of a major moment?
    • Tim is betting that Caelen won't stick around, and Shelley is hesitant about it. Is it easier for parents and teens to talk to each other about marriage and parenthood than it is to talk about preventing pregnancy?
  • Lilly says she's excited to be on her own with the baby. She likes the responsibility and love she feels for her child. Babies give unconditional love--and they also require it.
    • How do you think she'll do on her own?

Takeaway: All three teen couples are overwhelmed by the depth of their love for their new babies, and by the realization that another human being is depending on them for everything. They seem to be skipping over the teenage years and growing up right away, talking about marriage and more kids. What are your goals for your future? Has Unexpected helped you think about if, when, and under what circumstances a pregnancy would be right for you?

What does the future hold?

  • McKayla tells James: "We're having at least once more kid." James sits there, stunned.
    • What do you think is going through his mind? What would you say to them about having more kids?
    • What role do guys play in preventing pregnancy?
  • Lexus says she's not on birth control yet, and that she's not going to get pregnant again before she does. Then she says there is a possibility. And if she does, they would have to have a serious talk.
    • Why would she risk another pregnancy? What advice do you have for Lexus and Shayden about birth control?
    • Why do you think that half of pregnancies to young women are unplanned?
  • Kim says that as a young mom, it's great to get advice, but she wants Lilly to make her own decisions about how to raise her kids.
    • Do you think that she should help Lilly more, or do you think it's a good thing for Kim to back off?
  • Lilly and James talk about "baby cuddles" as a "bad habit." How do young parents learn about parenting?
    • Do you think parenting skills can be learned?
  • Lexus says that "20 and beyond" are great ages to have a baby. How do you know under what circumstances you would want a pregnancy in your life?
    • What would you want to have in place before then? Do you have the support you need to get there?
  • Which character in Unexpected can you relate to the most? Why?
  • Has Unexpected helped you talk more openly about unplanned pregnancy and how to prevent it?
    • Has Unexpected help you think about the realities of teen pregnancy and parenthood? Why is this topic still so hard to talk about?
  • What do you think will be happening with the families from Unexpected a year from now?

Takeaway: Even though babies are so full of love and joy, these teen couples all say they aren't ready for another child yet. Thinking "it won't happen to me" doesn't work as contraception. The only way to prevent pregnancy is to either not have sex or to use birth control. You have the power to decide, each and every time.

Did you know?

  • Only 40 percent of teen moms finish high school, and less than 2 percent finish college by age 30.
  • Daughters born to women in their 20s are three times less likely to become teen moms themselves compared with daughters of teen moms.
  • Nearly one in five teen moms gives birth again by age 20.

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