10 Best Kids' Masks

Cute and comfortable designs that will help protect your children.

August 11, 2020

Choices for Trendy Tots, Tweens and Teens

Back-to-school may look a little different this year as many schools across the country are requiring kids to wear masks. Masks not only keep us safe, but they can also be the newest fashion accessory. There are many awesome masks out there for kids who want their personalities to shine through.

Top Trenz

We wouldn’t be surprised if your kids are already familiar with this brand that makes fuzzy PJs and fun puffer bags. They also make masks in equally stylish patterns, and you’ll find everything from gummy bears to soccer balls, and sprinkles to tie dye. With an additional size for little kids (ages 2-6), adjustable ear loops and a metal nose bridge, these reusable masks are a great choice for trendy tots, tweens and teens.

BUY IT: Top Trenz, $12


Kids' masks can get messy, so it’s never a bad idea to keep a few disposables in their backpack for those days when you pack Cheetos for lunch! Medipop masks come in a 5-pack slim pouch that’s easy to carry around. They are made of the same material as traditional hospital masks, but they come in super fun neon colors like green, pink, red, yellow and blue. Plus 5 percent of all sales goes to support Chefs for America and the Global Giving Project.

BUY IT: Medipop, $15/5-pack


These masks are made of medical-grade, FDA and LFGB-approved silicone, which makes them SUPER easy to clean in a variety of different ways. Kids will love that they glow in the dark and make them look like true superheroes. Each kit also comes with a small clip to help adjust the mask to a perfect fit, and five filters to make sure they aren’t just cute but also safe.

BUY IT: GIR, $15

Rafi Nova Smile Masks

One of the challenges of masks is that you can’t see anyone’s smile or lips. This can be especially difficult for the hard of hearing community. Rafi Nova solves that problem with their Smile Masks, which have a clear panel in the front to make lip movements visible. The kid’s version comes with ear loop holes or a tie around the head that accommodates both a better fit and hearing aids/cochlear implants.

BUY IT: Rafi Nova, $12

Tokki x Gravitas Masks

Two women-owned brands paired up to make masks that are adorable and fit well. Gravitas brings the fashion knowledge, and Tokki makes reusable giftwrap in fun patterns, so it was a well-made match. There are two sizes for children ages 2-6, and 7-12, so you can find the perfect fit for your little one. The patterns are all unique, ranging from a pack of friendly wolves to starfish and hearts. For each mask purchased, one is also donated.

BUY IT: Gravitas, $24

Stitch Room Tie Dye Mask Kit

It’s easy to want to show off a mask if you had a hand in creating it yourself. This tie-dye mask kit comes with everything you need to make a few fashionable DIY creations. Each one will come out differently, so it’s pretty cool to know that nobody will have a mask quite like yours.

BUY IT: Stitchroom, $62/3-pack

Co. Protect

These three-ply disposable masks are breathable and sweat-free. They create custom masks for the NBA and MLS, along with plenty of masks for the general public. Their designs come in themed variety packs, including a puppy pack, bandana pack and surfs up. You can even sign up for a subscription to get masks every 1, 3 or 6 months.

BUY IT: Protect Global, $13/10-pack

Blue Bear Masks

Having a box of many disposable masks isn’t a bad idea when it comes to kids. These plain, simple white masks have an adjustable nose bridge and are ready for your kids to decorate.

BUY IT: Blue Bear Protection, $30/50-pack

Primal Masks

Sometimes you want a side of humor with your mask and these primal alligator designs will help ensure you get a few giggles. Parents won’t laugh at the fact that they are machine washable and have a filter pocket for increased protection. Plus, the company donates 15 percent of all mask sales to non-profits fighting against COVID-19.

BUY IT: Primal Wear, $18

Mr. Pinks

The sister company to ultra-cool rental company, Bangtel, is putting out masks that aren’t only safe but have the same cool vibes as their properties. Some of the adult and kid’s patterns match, so you can have daddy and me days. They also have cute mini watermelon prints, a cow pattern and so much more. Plus, the ear elastic is adjustable, so you can fit the mask securely around those little ears.

BUY IT: Mr. Pink Shop, $15

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