15 Breathtakingly Beautiful Pictures of Blackout Tattoos

Blackout tattoos are the latest tattoo trend, completely covering body parts with black ink. Check out these stunning blackout tattoo photos.

April 05, 2016
By: Mara Betsch

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Blackout tattoos, or those designs that include portions of solid black ink, are all the rage. Artist Chester Lee of Oracle Tattoo shop in Singapore has been specializing in this style for years, but the idea is catching on around the world. Though it is sometimes used to cover up old tattoos, it is also used with new ink. Check out some of the most intriguing designs, beginning with a few of Lee's own blackout tattoos. Here, his design mixes filled-in shoulder blades with a circular pattern on the back.

Another one of Lee's designs, this one is more straightforward (and probably took many sessions to finish).

Roxx at 2Spirit Tattoo San Francisco, California, created this almost tribal-like design.

Lola at True Love Tattoo and Art Gallery in Seattle created this blackout sleeve. Done on "virgin skin," this tattoo took roughly 12 sessions, two-three hours each, over 6 months. She captioned this picture, "This guy is my hero."

Amy Jiao at Inkblot Studio Ames, Iowa, spent her Tuesday afternoon creating this arm tattoo.

Bryce Garnham, owner and tattooist at Rough Diamond Tattoo in the UK, captioned this photo, "Been wanting to do this for ages now, so reach let me loose on her arm and let me black that sucker out with a dotwork wrist finish! So much fun and can't wait to do more!!"

Yaroslav Gorbunov in Saint Petersburg, Russia, created these blackout chin tattoos.

Alex Santoloci of Tattoo Bill’s in Charlotte, North Carolina, posted these before and after photos of this six-hour coverup tattoo.

Deni Aktemirov, a tattoo artist in St. Petersburg, Russia, collaborated with other blackout tattoo artists on this 3-day coverup design.

Neo Tattoos in Zurich, Switzerland, made this angular design.

Nathan Mould Tattoo in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, showed off his unique blackout patterned design.

Simon Mora, a UK-based tattoo artist, will cover up a previous design with his own, creating a blackout tattoo that also includes "white work" and a few more details around the top.

This tattoo lover in Paris, France, described her blackout leg tattoos, which are combined with other bolder designs, as “in-progress.”

Joe Larralde at Art Work Rebels in Portland, Oregon created this blackout tattoo that is surprisingly feminine.

Tattoo aficionado Arkadios kept a skull design in his blackout tattoo.

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