20 Delicious Ways to Customize Classic Ranch Dressing

Find out 20 different ways to make everyones favorite; Ranch dressing.

July 11, 2017
By: Kristine Boyd

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Hatch green chiles are so amazing on their own so why not add them to ranch dressing. These peppers aren’t spicy but they are packed with flavor which makes this recipe amazing!

This ranch is to die for! BBQ Ranch is a classic combination that is delicious drizzled on pizza or on a BBQ chicken salad.

Give your cool ranch a kick with this spicy tomatillo twist! Think creamy and spicy salsa verde.

Asian style ranch is amazing! If you don’t think ranch goes with Asian flavors you’re wrong. This is a delicious recipe to put on Asian style tacos and salads.

This cucumber ranch is a play on the classic greek taziki sauce that we all know and love. Try this recipe and you’ll never go back to traditional taziki again!

Siracha ranch dressing! Where can you go wrong here? This is a cult favorite dipping sauce for fries or a delicious sauce on burgers.

Instead of making a classic blue cheese ranch dressing, add feta cheese instead. You get chunky, salty bites of Feta mixed with the creamy dressing.

Ranch already contains garlic but it’s time to bring it up a notch. Add even more for a delicious, savory ranch that tastes amazing on any salad.

This is a zesty combination of chipotle seasoning and fresh lime juice. This tangy dressing is perfect on any taco!

Honey dijon ranch has the perfect amount of sweetness. It is delicious on fries and sandwiches!

Add a burst of flavor to any meat dish with this horseradish ranch. It is zesty and so delicious.

Kick up the heat! This jalapeño ranch is perfect for all the spice lovers out there.

Bacon literally makes everything better so throw some bacon on it! This bacon ranch dressing is indulgent and so satisfying.

Love ranch but hate the calories? Try this healthy version of ranch that uses greek yogurt as the base. Ranch without the guilt!

Southwestern ranch dressing is amazing on corn or in other tex-mex dishes. It only takes a few extra spices!

Basil pesto ranch dressing is a winner! Swap out boring geek vinaigrettes with this basil pesto ranch. Its creamy and has the perfect amount of pesto to satisfy your cravings.

We love avocados almost as much as we love ranch so let’s combine them! This dressing is the perfect creamy combination that goes with literally everything.

Buffalo and ranch are a match made in heaven. But this combo isn’t just for dips! Dunk fresh veggies in this for a spicy kick!

Peppery dill ranch is a great way to subtly jazz up your average ranch. It will give it an added flavor but nothing overwhelming.

Forget caesar dressing! Go for this parmesan peppercorn ranch instead. Yum!

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