5 Delicious, Nutritious and Easy Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Here are 5 smoothie bowl recipes to try.

July 16, 2018
By: Katie Morton

Step aside, smoothies! Enter: the smoothie bowl. A smoothie bowl is a heartier version of the classic. The basic difference between a smoothie and a smoothie bowl is that, with a smoothie bowl, you can add less liquid, more solid ingredients, or a heavier base (such as yogurt instead of water) which makes the result closer to a solid than a liquid. You can also add toppings to the concoction, which means a smoothie bowl must be consumed with a spoon rather than a straw.

Here are 5 smoothie bowl recipes to try.

1. The Good Medicine Smoothie Bowl

This nutrition-packed bowl blends vegetables with fruit, protein powder, nut butter, and non-dairy milk or water. Optional toppings include seeds, cacao nibs, shredded coconut, and an extra drizzle of nut butter. If this bowl doesn't solve all your problems, I don't know what will.

2. For When You're Rushing

On those mornings when you need breakfast, but you just don't have it together, try this super simple, quick, and delicious variation. Just blend up a banana with berries and top with coconut chips, walnuts, and puffed spelt. No puffed spelt? No problem. Just substitute granola or another cereal of your choosing.

3. Have Jar, Will Travel

If you absolutely must pack your breakfast and eat on the go, then substitute the bowl for a jar. To make this acai jar, blend frozen bananas, a?a?, and a splash of dairy free milk. Either top with berries and granola, or place them at the bottom of the jar and add the smoothie concoction on top. Screw on a lid and toss it into your bag. Don't forget the spoon!

4. Protein Punch

If you've been hitting the weights and want to git swole, make sure you get your protein in with this protein-packed bowl. Blend Greek yogurt with frozen berries and flaxmeal. Top with frozen blackberries, coconut, and part of your favorite protein bar.

5. Yogurt Bowl

For another simple, easy, yogurt bowl: blend acai, coconut yogurt or another flavored yogurt of choice, and banana. Top with slivered almonds and frozen raspberries.

If you're wondering whether it's worth it to make a bowl, rather than slurping down your smoothie with a straw, it's highly possible you're going to stay satisfied for longer when you actually gain the satisfaction of chewing your meal. Your smoothie bowl is also likely to take longer to digest than a completely liquified smoothie, which means you will probably stay fueled for a greater part of your day. Enjoy these bowls or get creative with your own recipes. Here's to your good health.

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