Best Board Games for Families

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March 04, 2020
By: Amanda Mushro

Photo By: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

Ignite Your Family’s Competitive Side

Put down your screens and grab the kids because it’s time for some fun and games—board games. Bring back family game night with a few old-school favorites and a few new games everyone in your family will love.

Googly Eyes

For the family who likes to get silly, Googly Eyes is for you! This hilarious family game has you put on the zany, vision-altering glasses and draw while your team tries to guess what you’re drawing. Players take turns drawing and guessing, so everyone gets a chance to wear the glasses. The first team to reach the finish wins!

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Code Names

In this guessing game, players take on the role of secret agents. The cards have the codenames of other secret agents in the field, and it’s up to the other players to direct their partner to the right contacts. The catch? You can only offer clues comprised of a single word. This fast-paced game can be played with two players or as many as eight.

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The classic whodunit mystery game has a new suspect and an updated look. Eliminate suspects and solve the murder mystery before someone else does and you’ll be the winner.

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Ticket to Ride

Ready for a cross-country train adventure game? Ticket to Ride has players collect train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn, and the player who builds the longest continuous railway wins. This game has won multiple awards and is highly rated for families.

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Brain Waves

In Brainwaves: The Wise Whale, players lay nine cards showing different colorful sea creatures face down after trying to memorize which creatures are on what cards. During a player’s turn, they reveal a new card from the deck. Then, they must reveal a card that matches either the creature or the color on this new card. If they do, they claim this card, and then lay out a new card face down in its place. Whoever collects the most cards wins.

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Beasts of Balance

This interactive game uses pieces that players must balance, and interacts with an app to create new animals. This is a great cooperative game that encourages families to work together.

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Guess Who

Guess Who is perfect for two players looking for a quick and fun game. This classic guessing game has players asking yes and no questions to figure out the other player’s character. It’s such a fun game for young kids and cleanup is a breeze.

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Exit the Game

This is a series of party games for up to four players that offers a unique and unforgettable experience. These games allow you to bring the excitement, intensity and team spirit of an escape room to your living room. In each EXIT game, your team starts out locked in an imaginary room, or trapped somewhere. You must solve a series of riddles and puzzles in order to unlock doors and reveal new riddles.

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Sorry is a great game for the family that can handle a little competitive play. Just when you think you are winning, someone pulls the right card and tells you “Sorry,” and sends you back to start! This game is best played with kids over 6-8 years old who can handle the ups and downs.

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Get ready to laugh! HeadBanz is a fun guessing game that is great for young kids, as well as older ones. It’s fast paced and players ask easy “What am I,” “Yes” or “No” questions before time runs out. The goal is to figure out if the cartoon card on your headband is an animal, food or object.

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Tattoo Stories

Players compete by drawing tattoos and telling the best stories and must add more elements to their tattoos as they play the game. Players act as the tattoo artists, asking the customer questions while creating their vision. Then, each player reveals their tattoo to the group, and pitch their designs to the customer. It’s a fun game for your creative kids.

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