25 Black-Owned Baby and Kids' Brands Parents Love

Apparel, accessories, books, toys and more!

June 24, 2020

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Black lives matter, and as many are showing up in support by donating to community bail funds, the Black Lives Matter organization and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, you can also help a community in need by supporting their businesses.

Our editors have compiled a list of favorite baby and kids' brands whose products promote diversity, favor eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyles, and encourage all children to live boldly.

The Original, the Remix, the Encore Collection

Show off your family with KaAn’s favorited collection! The Original, the Remix, the Encore and even the Mic Drop T-shirts are unisex with hemmed sleeves. They offer an incredibly adorable opportunity for a family photo that your timeline is bound to obsess over.

BUY IT: KaAn’s Designs, $28

Tippy Tot Shoes

Baby’s first steps are both exciting and scary. Learning to walk comes with a lot of falling, but having comfortable, hard bottom shoes can make a world of a difference. Tippy Tot makes stylish, leather shoes for little ones up to 2 years old. With the support of sturdy, hard bottoms, your tot can walk with confidence.

BUY IT: Tippy Tot Shoes, $60

Le Petit Organic

Sustainable, hand-made and vintage–everything La Petit Organic has to offer. Founded by a mother of three who wanted unique clothes for her kids that were also eco-friendly, La Petit carries a collection of beautiful clothes, décor and fun toys for children from 0-8 years. We can’t get enough of their 2020 spring collection, which comes complete with bright, natural colors and matching accessories.

BUY IT: Le Petit Organic, $74

Because of Zoe

Add a little flair to your child’s hair with Because of Zoe. Style your little one with colorful clips, headbands and bows to jazz up their look.

BUY IT: Because of Zoe, $25

Pint Size Faith

A husband and wife duo created Pint Size Faith after wanting to revolutionize faith-based apparel for their kids. The parents of two created adorable unisex designs for kids, babies, women and men.

BUY IT: Pint Size Faith, $18-$25

Rah Love’s Boutique

Do you have a little trendsetter with an eye for fashion and style? They’ll love Rah Love’s Boutique! With matching or coordinating sets, jumpsuits, dresses, outerwear and more, this boutique is ideal for kids with big personalities who want to express themselves through their clothes.

BUY IT: Rah Love’s Boutique, $28

BGS Kids SPF 50

For black and brown skin, finding a sunscreen that doesn’t make your skin dry or ashy can be hard. To combat this, Black Girl Sunscreen created a lotion that will soothe, moisturize, hydrate and protect skin–and now they have a product for kids! The sunscreen promises water resistance for 80 minutes, is hypoallergenic, and has no fragrance, parabens, silicones or aluminums.

BUY IT: Black Girl Sunscreen, $10

Wild Rich Kids

Does your kid love bright colors and prints? They’ll adore the unique, hand-made dresses and sets by Wild Rich Kids. After gaining attention for its bold designs, Wild Rich Kids is moving to their own online shop, which is opening soon.

The Little Posh Co.

Spoil your little one with matching sets and dresses that will complement their personality. Our favorite is the We All Scream ice cream fit and flare dress. The design is made of a soft, stretch knit fabric and offers the cutest twirl with every move.

BUY IT: The Little Posh Co., $58

Random Rompers

Rompers are stylish, easy to put on and create an effortless outfit. Random Rompers offers designs for babies and toddlers who are always on the go.

BUY IT: Etsy, $18


The Fresh Dolls

The Fresh Dolls not only offer dolls of every color, but dolls who each have their own personality and backstory. Take Ebony, for example. She’s an environmentalist who recycles, shops eco-friendly brands and volunteers by cleaning up her neighborhood. Your little one can pick a doll whose story–and complementing style–appeals the most to them and their interests.

BUY IT: The Fresh Dolls, $18

HarperIman Dolls

Are you looking to diversify your child’s playthings? Look no further than HarperIman Dolls! These handmade dolls all have their own signature style and beautiful hair. Our favorite is River, who has vitiligo and can be paired with a number of available accessories.

BUY IT: Harper Iman, $115-$133

Brown Toy Box

The Brown Toy Box aims to make the STEM/STEAM field accessible to Black children, so they may see themselves represented in different spaces and careers that may otherwise seem daunting. Included toys cover subjects like architecture, engineering, entrepreneurship, aeronautics, health sciences, coding, environmental science, astronomy, robotics, finance, marine biology and more. Parents can choose from box sets that focus on one subject, or opt. for toys across multiple disciplines that are both fun and educational.

BUY IT: Brown Toy Box, $10-$158

Puzzle Huddle

Fit puzzle pieces together to reveal pictures of young kids following their passions, including exploring as astronauts, working as doctors and vets, building robots and more!

BUY IT: Puzzle Huddle, $12

Kiddo Chicago

With the combined genius of visual artist Doug and performing artist Keewa, a married couple in Chicago, Kiddo was made from the daily affirmations they give their children every day. Outside of inspiring books like “Muslim Girls Rise: Inspirational Champions of Our Time” and “What is a Refugee?”, Kiddo also offers a plethora of toys including dolls, blocks and–our favorite–sign language alphabet tiles.

BUY IT: Kiddo Chicago, $40

Little Likes Kids

Better your little one’s memory and focus with fun memory games. With 48 pieces each, Little Likes Kids offers memory games with themes like musical chairs, camping, carousels and more.

BUY IT: Little Likes Kids, $17

Paper Play and Wonder

Looking for a way to keep your kids entertained without having to go to the store? Check out the adorable printables made by PaperPlayandWonder on Etsy. Your kids can enjoy coloring the paper doll’s outfit however they would like before enjoying hours of playtime.

BUY IT: Etsy, $6


Brave + Kind Bookshop

Subscribe to Brave + Kind bookshop and be pleasantly surprised by a monthly package of diverse and creative stories that are curated for ages 0-3, 4-7 and above 7 years old. For those with newborns, the service has a special subscription available for the baby book club. You can choose between a six- or 12-month subscriptions and return any new and unused items within 30 days for exchange or store credit.

BUY IT: Brave + Kind Bookshop, $75-$120

Jambo Book Club

Whether you want to expand your child’s library or gift a subscription to a special kid in your life, the Jambo book club is perfect for incorporating multicultural stories into any child’s library. Two books will arrive every month and center around a person of color whose story isn’t historical or culturally focused, but rather a day in the life of your average kid.

BUY IT: Jambo Book Club, $30-$300

Just Like Me Box

Choose your subscription, enjoy a personally curated box and, as your child gets older, watch as the stories become more advanced. The Just Like Me Box comes with 2-3 themed books, educational tools and a fun gift that will encourage child development and inspire independent and creative play.

BUY IT: Just Like Me Box, $28/monthly


Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten

Moms and dads love the Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten because it securely fits around baby’s hand and allows them to nibble on the glove without harming their little fingers underneath. As opposed to a traditional teether, parents don’t need to worry about picking up a dropped pacifier. The design is glow in the dark, so parents won’t have a hard time locating it at night, and machine washable.

BUY IT: Darlyng and Co., $13


Lotions, bubble bath mixes, conditioners, shampoos and more safe supplies that will help pamper your baby. Alaffia’s products come in sweet smells like lemon lavender and coconut strawberry and boasts ethically traded ingredients including shea butter and shea leaf. Their bestselling lemon lavender kids bubble bath promises to moisturize and nourish your child’s skin, and has no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances.

BUY IT: Alaffia, $10-$15

Shine Cloth

Shine Cloth came to be after founder Deja gave birth to her newborn son when she was 19 years old. Life as a young mom and a student left little money available for diapers, so Deja did her research on natural parenting and fell in love with cloth diapers. Now, she creates adorable diapers and covers for babies.

BUY IT: Shine Cloth, $35-$42

Stina & Mae

Stina & Mae was founded by a fashion journalist who quickly found it hard to find a changing mat that kept her newborn from touching public changing tables, so she made her own. Since, then, Stina & Mae has expanded to include blankets, cotton wipes, bibs and nursing pads. Each product is made with organic materials and will be soft on your baby’s skin. We especially love their In Flight snuggle blanket, which is perfect for swaddling or as a burp cloth.

BUY IT: Stina & Mae, $25

The Eco Baby Co.

The Spicers are a family who choose organic, sustainable, ethically sourced materials, and they created The Eco Baby Co. to infuse this lifestyle into baby essentials. Their products include natural rubber pacifiers and nipples, bamboo diaper inserts, cotton diapers and toys.

BUY IT: The Eco Baby Co., $8-$47

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