Breakfast Items That’ll Make School-Day Mornings Easier

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August 17, 2019

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Healthy Breakfast Options

School is back in session and that means it’s back to early mornings and quick breakfasts. It can be a struggle, especially in those early weeks, to get a semblance of real breakfast on the table, much less one that is healthy. But it’s easier than you think. Keeping your house stocked with a few key ingredients can be the key to nutritious meals when in a hurry.

Kodiak Cakes Pancakes

This whole-grain, non-GMO pancake mix is great to have on hand for a few different breakfast options. Pancakes are the obvious choice and all you need to do is add water (or, for more protein, add milk or an egg). You can also whip up awesome, healthy muffins from the recipe on the box.

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Eggs are versatile and easy to whip up! You can make hard boiled eggs, sunny-side up eggs, scrambled eggs with a little cheese, an egg sandwich or a breakfast burrito—the list goes on.

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Bananas are the ultimate sleep-through-your-alarm-clock food. There is no prep, just peel and go! If you have more time, slice them up and put them on peanut/almond/SunButter toast, or throw them into a bowl of cereal.

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Whole Wheat English Muffins

English muffins are a great vehicle for breakfast fillings, and we love this one because it’s made with whole grains. Top it with butter and a little cinnamon or fill it with delectable combinations like scrambled eggs and avocado, cucumbers and cream cheese, or almond butter and raspberries for a healthy treat.

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7 Grain Waffles

We all have those mornings where we can’t even think about cooking anything, and that’s where the beloved toaster waffle comes in handy. This version is made with seven grains, so you are getting a little bit of substance with a whole lot of convenience.

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Oatmeal is a great way to start the day—but beware of the versions laden with sugar. Whole grain rolled oats are a good way to go and, if you need to, ou can sweeten up the bowl with fruit, cinnamon or agave syrup.

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Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is a morning favorite and we love Greek yogurt because it’s low in sugar and high in protein. Of course, we usually sweeten the deal with fresh fruit, honey, fruit jam or granola.

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Amy’s Gluten Free Breakfast Burrito

If food allergies or sensitivities make it difficult to find a quick breakfast, this may be a good solution. Amy’s has a breakfast burrito that is gluten, dairy and tree nut free, and is made with tofu, vegetables and hash browns that you just heat and serve. As an added bonus, it’s vegan!

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Almond Butter

Move over peanut butter, almond butter is just as tasty and has a bit more nutritional value. The versatility is endless–spread it on toast, add it into smoothies, stir it into overnight oats, and use it in muffins or on homemade granola bars.

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Individual Cups of Cottage Cheese

This brand of cottage cheese is made simply and contains active cultures for an added health benefit. Plus, it’s delicious and a good alternative for kids who don’t like yogurt (or who just want to mix it up). Serve plain or with fresh fruit.

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