Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

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July 15, 2019

Photo By: Sergey Khakimullin

Salute the Last Frontier

Fifty years ago this month, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. The amazement of outer space is still alive and well, especially for kids. This remarkable anniversary is a great reason to add a little more space exploration into everyday life with games, lights, clothes and more.

Stargaze in a Starry Hammock

Dream of traveling to the moon in this portable Grand Trunk hammock that will envelop you with stars while you gaze at the real ones above. You may be able to spot a shooting star if you look long enough!

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Build Your Own Rocket

These little Plus Plus toys are great to construct whatever you can dream of. These kits are made especially for rocket models with different kits available so your child can build the entire Apollo 11 mission. This one has about 240 pieces, making the ultimate glow-in-the dark Saturn Rocket!

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Turn Your Bedroom into a Starry Night

Nothing is better than staring at the stars all night long, but sometimes Mother Nature disagrees. That’s where BlissLights come in. Kids can turn their room into an “under the stars” experience with this laser projector that displays a moving star and cloud scape right on their bedroom ceiling that they can stare at for hours—without the bug bites.

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Catch Shooting Stars in a Fast-Paced Game

This fun, fast-moving rocket ship game is perfect for toddlers. The cartoon-like rocket explodes with stars that kids catch in colorful cups. The first one to catch the most stars wins.

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Ooh and Aah Over the Planets

It’s never too early to expose your kids to the wonder of outer space. Even babies can stare up at this mobile of the planets and dream of space travel while they doze off to sleep.

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Toast to NASA

Fill this cup with your favorite beverage to toast to the astronauts that risked their lives for space exploration. These NASA cups come in perfect sizes for kids (and adults!) and the mantra “I need my space” is perfect for whiny toddlers, angsty teens or groggy adults!

BUY IT: Tervis, $17

Dress the Part

We love vintage, soft-feel shirts for kids and this NASA one is no exception. It is perfect for any kid who dreams of one day exploring the stars.

BUY IT: Target, $8

Construct a Scale Replica of the Rocket

True Lego lovers and space geeks will spend endless hours building this amazing replica set that leaves nothing unturned. It comes with astronauts, a removable second rocket and even an American flag to put on the moon! The set also has a booklet with information about the Apollo moon landings.

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Read About the Apollo 11 Mission

Moonshot is the perfect way for kids to learn about the Apollo 11 mission with an easy-to-understand story and beautiful graphics that explain the historic day. It’ll take the whole family right back to the excitement of 1969.

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Wear the Stars and Moons

Kids love temporary tattoos and we love these because they are non-toxic and made with FDA-approved colorants. This cosmic pack is the perfect way to sport moons, stars, rockets and more in honor of our astronauts.

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Peer Through a Telescope

For older kids that are interested in space, a telescope is the perfect learning tool for aspirational astronomers. This one is easy to use and can show both wide view and close-ups of the moon and stars.

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Dress Up Like a Real Astronaut

What kid doesn’t like to play dress up? Let your kids reenact the moon landing in the perfect garb. This Jr. Astronaut suit comes with details just like the official NASA version and is complete with patches, zippers, harness straps and more.

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Blast Off in Your Own Rocket Spaceship

Bring space travel down to earth with your very own play rocket ship tent, which is the perfect size for multiple kids to use their imagination in. We love this Melissa and Doug Rocket Play tent because it can be launched vertically or cruise “in flight” on its side. Plus, little details like the side tank that opens for refueling are super fun.

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Cozy Up with a Rocket Ship Blanket

Climb right inside a super soft rocket ship blanket while reading a book, taking a nap or going to sleep at night. It’s a great pick for sleepovers or lounging around in the playroom.

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