The Most Photo-Worthy Shirts for Siblings

Matching tees that will make everyone smile.

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July 04, 2020

The Cutest Sibling Apparel

If you need a project, making your own matchy family shirts isn’t so hard; you can grab some fabric paint and decorate the shirts yourself by designing stencils out of cardboard and spray painting or screen printing your images. However, if you want to leave the mess to the pros, these vendors sell the most adorable sibling shirts in sizes for the whole crew.

Small Fry Shirts

If you’ve got a big pregnancy announcement coming up, why not do it with some of your favorite foods? These sibling shirts say: “Big Fry,” “Small Fry” and “Lil Nugget.” The adorable illustrations of French fries and nuggets will have your family giggling and feeling like part of one big team.

BUY IT: Etsy, $44

Taco and Taquito

If you love Mexican food, show it with matching taco and taquito shirts. Big sibling gets to flout that they’re the big stuff, and the little sibling is a tiny flauta. With a fun font and illustrations to match, these shirts will be a hit at family Taco Tuesdays.

Taco Shirt or Onesie

BUY IT: Etsy, $17

Taquito Shirt or Onesie

BUY IT: Etsy, $17

Friends Forever

Celebrating the sibling relationship has never been more charming than this conversational pair of shirts. Big sib’s shirt asks, “Did We Just Become Best Friends?” and little sib’s shirt enthusiastically exclaims, “Yep!” The shirts come in a variety of sizes and colors.

BUY IT: Etsy, $24

Chips and Salsa

It’s no surprise that parents can’t get enough of food themes on matching shirts. This pair of shirts cements the sibling bond with the older sibling’s shirt telling us “We Go Together Like Chips,” and baby’s shirt continuing with “And Salsa.” The matching illustrations help drive the point that the lovable duo belong together like a delicious snack.

BUY IT: Etsy, $30

Ready Player One

If Player One–aka the oldest sibling–is ready to welcome a second, grab these shirts featuring generic illustrations of Xbox controllers and the words “Player 1,” “Player 2” and “Player 3.” Since your kids will soon completely take over your Xbox, it’s only fitting.

BUY IT: Etsy, $15

Rules, Schmules

Rules were made to be broken, right? That’s what these winsome polka dot dresses say, so it must be true. The shirts say, “Reason We Have Rules,” “Rule Breaker” and “Rules Don’t Apply.” I think we can all guess what birth order those mottos apply to.

BUY IT: Etsy, $27

Festive Sibs

If the winter holidays are your jam and you literally can’t wait all year to dress up your kids, you can order them adorable, matching reindeer shirts. Baby’s onesie says, “My First Christmas” with his or her name underneath, and big sib’s shirt says, “My First Christmas as a Big Sister (or Brother).” Deck the halls with camera-ready kids!

BUY IT: Etsy, $15+

Get Notorious

If you’re a child of the nineties, “Hypnotize” by the Notorious B.I.G. probably holds a special place in your hip-hop-loving heart. Now you can bring your kids back in time with these shirts that say “Biggie” and “Smalls.” The matching crowns on the shirts harken back to the iconic crown the rapper wore for a photoshoot in 1997.

BUY IT: Etsy, $30

Batman and Robin

“Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick,” big sib’s shirt says. Little sib’s shirt declares that they’re the sidekick, and the exciting, comic book-style font tells us that this powerful duo is ready to fight crime and tackle adventures together.

BUY IT: Etsy, $38

Musical Chairs

If you’ve got a whole ensemble of kids, these trendy tees make a great medley. Your eldest gets “The Original,” your second “The Remix,” your third “Mic Drop,” your fourth “The Encore,” and your littlest-to-be gets “A Fresh New Beat.” It’s never too early to encourage a sense of style or to teach them about music.

BUY IT: Etsy, $24

Old and Young

Nudging the age-old concept of sibling rivalries, the big sibling will enjoy sporting the “Older and Wiser” tee, while the little one will get to proclaim that she’s “Younger and Cuter.” These sassy shirts go up to size 10/12 in kids and 3 to 6 months for little ones.

BUY IT: Walmart, $20

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