Must-Haves to Make Car Rides with Your Baby Easier

We’re hitting the road.

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June 12, 2020
By: Amanda Mushro

Buckle Up, Baby!

If you have a baby on board and it’s time to hit the open road–or just drive to grandma’s house–these gears and gadgets will help make the ride a little smoother.

Portable White Noise Machine

If your baby falls asleep in the car, this white noise machine will help him or her snooze without being disturbed. Its small size is perfect for portability and it even attaches to the car seat. The machine runs on batteries, has four different soothing sounds and an adjustable volume.

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Seat Protector with Device Pocket

This seat protector comes with just about everything your baby needs for a trip—lots of pockets to stash their bottles, cups, snacks and toys, and an extra-large zippered pouch that holds tablets or phones so your little one can be entertained while you travel.

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Turn any toy into a travel toy with these handy links. Just attach a few links to your baby’s car seat and their favorite toy is always close by. You won’t have to stop the car or reach back to search for fallen toys. Plus, these plastic links double as teethers for your little one.

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The Noggle

If you're worried your baby is too hot or too cold in the backseat, the Noggle can help. This handy device helps circulate air from the front of the car to the back through a long tube. It connects to your car's vent system and the flexible tubing stretches to the backseat to either warm or cool its temperature. Choose from either six feet or eight feet depending on your vehicle.

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Soft Books

Give your baby something to play with while they cruise along in the car. Soft books are great for car travel because they will entertain your little one and can easily be cleaned if they get dirty. Also, because the pages are soft, you won’t have to worry about ripping or tearing while you baby plays.

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Snack Container

Snacking is essential to travel, whether you are big or small. So, give your little one a container made just for them to keep all of their car snacks in one place. The snack catcher even has a spill-proof lid with soft flaps for easy food access.

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Activity Center

If you have a busy baby, this activity center that attaches to a head rest will help keep your little one entertained while you drive. Your baby can reach, stretch, kick and grab the soft toys. The center has a baby-safe mirror, and, with each kick, your baby activates the lights and sounds.

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Your baby will be delighted to see their own cute face in this mirror, and you’ll be able to look in your rearview to check on them as you drive. This mirror has an added bonus of soft lights and music to soothe your baby. Up front, you’ll have a remote to turn these functions on an off.

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Hanging Rattle

This fun toy will give your baby something to look at and play with while in the car. Attach it to the carseat while you are driving, then put in on their stroller when it’s time to get out of the car.

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If your baby is old enough to hold their own bottle or sippy, there is a good chance they are tossing it on the ground. If you use a SippiGrip, your baby can have a drink in the car, and you won’t have to keep stopping to search for their cup.

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