Snow Day Gear to Snag Before the Next Big Storm

There are few words more magical to a kid's ears than "snow day." Up their cold weather joy with these fun wintery finds.

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January 02, 2019

Snow Coloring Kit

Granted, blankets of white snow make the most gorgeous winter scenery, but your kids will get a kick out of being able to "spray paint" it to their liking. This outdoor coloring kit comes with color tablets, spray bottles and snow sculpting tools. The colors are mixable, 100% washable and eco-friendly.

BUY IT: Amazon $24

Penguin Snow Tube

Snow tubes are truly the best way to go fast on a hill. They're probably best for a bigger kid given their propensity for speed. The snow doesn't even have to be packed to catch some pretty sweet speed! Pair that functionality with a penguin body and prepare for some major fun.

BUY IT: Amazon $35

Serious Snowshoes

These Pansel Snowshoes are serious gear for serious snow lovers. If your family likes to trek into deep drifts (or your kids just like to go on pretend adventures in the backyard), check out a pair of snowshoes like these. They're made of aluminium which makes them super lightweight and great for kids. You can slip in most any snow boots that you already own, ratchet down the straps to fit, then head off into the wild for snow day fun.

BUY IT: Amazon $40-$78

Snowball Maker

To have a truly epic snowball fight, your kids need a snowball maker like this. Yes, when we were young we had to freeze our little fingers off to get the perfect sphere, but just think how much you would've loved being about to make two perfect balls in one pinch. This toy comes in a two pack, so if you're the one at home with the kids, hand them one, and keep one for yourself and show them who really rules the snow mound.

BUY IT: Amazon $15 for 2

Heirloom Sled

The tiniest of kids love to get in on the snowy fun, even if they can't hang as long in the cold temperatures. Bundle them up and surround them in cozy blankets in this classic sleigh made to be pulled by a snow pro. It's just right for toddlers who can't quite manage taking actual steps in all that snow gear or anything more than a few inches of snow. Plus, it's built to last for generations of winters, so you could even hand it down to your baby when they are grown.

BUY IT: L.L. Bean $159

Snow Block Mold

Yes, the kids could tough it out and hand-make blocks of snow for their igloo like you did when you were a kid, or you could let them reap the rewards of snow day advancements. This super simple block mold lets the kids pack it with snow, put it in place and move quickly on to the next brick. This product is a multitasker, too. Take it along to the beach in the summer to make amazing sandcastles.

BUY IT: Amazon $13

Adjustable Ice Skates

A snow day is the perfect time to pull out the ice skates and give that frozen rink a whirl. You can avoid having the skates you bought last winter not fitting this one by scoring an adjustable pair. This set comes in small, medium and large, and each accommodates a range of three shoe sizes. They've got ski-boot-style clips as well which means no need to tie undone laces in the cold.

BUY IT: Amazon $35-$47

Updated Flexible Flyer

Flexible Flyers of yore have gotten a major update for comfort, portability and a smoother ride. This thick foam sled is a top-rated best seller that's much lighter than its older ancestors which makes it much easier to haul back up a hill after a chilly downhill ride.

BUY IT: Amazon $40

Starter Skis

If your kids want to give skiing a try, but you don't want to drop the hundreds of dollars it takes to head to the closest slopes, give these plastic mini snow skis a try. They can be used with their regular snow boots in the backyard or on a nearby hill to learn downhill technique or for cross country skiing. Coming in at under fifty bucks, this is the perfect way to see if your small one actually will want to stick with this winter sport.

BUY IT: Amazon $46

Cute Marshmallow Mugs

And because no snow day is complete without finishing it up with a cup of hot cocoa, we present these cute-enough-to-squeeze marshmallow mugs. Fill them with your favorite hot chocolate to warm your snow bunnies back up once they finally come back inside. Tossing all the wet clothes into the dryer can wait for one cozy drink.

BUY IT: Amazon $40 for 4