These Dogs Dressed Up for Shark Week Are Too Cute

Our hearts are melting.

July 24, 2017
By: Kristine Boyd

Photo By: Instagram/busterthebombpom

Photo By: Instagram/banksthegolden

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Photo By: Instagram/winstonlefrenchie

This adorable hammerhead hat screams shark week! Too cute.

I think Aspen is ready to take on a great white shark in a race!

These cute pups are ready for their shark week debut!

This adorable pug isn't playing around with it's awesome shark week hat!

Luna has her spot on the couch ready to binge watch shark week!

This adorable puppy is ready to venture into the open waters with his shark fin life vest!

This dog family is ready for their close up in these cute shark costumes!

Our hearts are melting at this adorable lab!

Lola is chilling by the pool channeling her inner shark!

Watch out for this dangerous shark pup lurking through the waters!

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