Throwback Toys That Will Spark Your Nostalgia

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June 03, 2019

Toys You and Your Kids Can Bond Over

New toys are always fun, but there are some that stand the test of time. Here are our favorites—classics that have been around for a generation or two—that still make kids smile just like we did when we were young.

Rubik’s Cube

The classic puzzle block is still a fan favorite, and now comes with pieces that are easier to move. The challenge remains the same and is bound to keep your kids busy for hours. The newest version even has a stand, so you can proudly display all of the colors in line before it’s time to try it all over again.

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Fisher Price Retro Classics Retro Record Player

Yes, kids these days may not know what a record player is—but they should! This classic Fisher Price toy comes with plastic records that play nursery rhyme favorites. Your kids will have fun switching up the colorful plastic records, and you’ll love hearing the songs of your childhood.

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Etch A Sketch

The oh-so recognizable red screen with the white knobs is still around and helping kids sketch a masterpiece with a few turns of the dial. Not much has changed since the original—although newer versions with stamps and a stylus still exist are also available—but that’s what we love. It’s still the perfect, no battery, easy to transport kind of toy.

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Classic Xylophone

Sure, you could get many instruments that light-up and play, but why not start your kids with the classic xylophone? A few upgrades were made (the mallet is attached so it doesn’t get lost!) but it is still the perfect toy to start making music with.

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Lite Brite

Giant versions of this toy have turned into Instagrammable moments for grown-ups, but the classic version is still a perfect way for a kid’s imagination to shine bright. Now, with a slightly bigger easel and brighter lights, kids can fill out one of the pre-designed sketches or use their imagination to create a masterpiece.

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Radio Flyer Wagon

This little red wagon is perfect for carting kids and cargo. The classic style now comes in many options with features like wagon covers, padded seats, foldable pieces and water bottle holders. Regardless of which version you pick, this is an item that will stand the test of time.

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The classic building blocks are just as popular as ever with complex sets to build everything from football stadiums to the Eiffel tower. Before reconstructing some of the world’s greatest attractions, kids can start with this 484-piece kit. There is no need for detailed instructions—all you need is a little imagination.

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Shape Sorting Cube

The classic developmental learning toy continues to teach kids about shape recognition, matching and sorting. This Melissa and Doug version has 12 shapes and is made of wood, so it should be something you can hang on to for the next generation.

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Mr. Potato Head

The beloved tater (and his Mrs.) are still a stalwart in the toy box with a few small improvements (like more holes to add accessories and legs as well). Kids will giggle when putting the ear where the nose should be or adding an upside-down mouth. Plus, all the parts fit right in his tushy, making clean up easy.

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These building essentials have been around since 1914 and, although you’ll find them in plastic now instead of wood, they are still the building structures everyone has grown to love. The made-in-America toy company also offers replacement of lost or broken pieces.

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There are many great board games that stuck around and one of our kid-friendly favorites is Candyland. It’s easy for kids to play and they love to move their gingerbread men around the board.

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Barbie Dolls

Barbie has gone through quite a transformation. No longer just pretty to look at, she inspires young girls and boys to have careers like being a doctor or soccer player. She comes in various skin and hair colors, as well.

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