15 Matching Tattoos That'll Inspire You to Get Ink with Your Loved Ones

From sisters to BFFs to significant others, see some of the most eye-catching matching tattoos.

February 10, 2016
By: Mara Betsch

Photo By: agram/JonBoyTattoo

Photo By: Instagram/sashaunisex

Photo By: Instagram/coreydivine

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Photo By: Instagram/sarahgaugler

Photo By: Instagram/bangbangnyc

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Photo By: Instagram/rozlyndubz

Broken heart tattoos are nothing new, but this couple decided to immortalize their love for each other -- and for pizza -- with tattoos done by celeb tattoo artist Jon Boy.

Russian tattoo artist Sasha Unisex created these beautiful watercolor raccoon tattoos.

L.A. tattoo artist Corey Divine created this mesmerizing connecting tattoo that also makes a gorgeous stand-alone design.

The force is strong with these sci-fi fans.

Wedding ring tattoos are more popular than ever, but we love the unique design created by NYC-based tattoo artist Sarah Gaugler.

If you're already inked and looking for a bigger, bolder set of matching tattoos, this lock and key by Elizabeth Markov of Bang Bang Tattoo in NYC would be a beautiful addition.

Matching tattoos don't have to, well, match. UK-based tattoo artist Hannah Pixie Sykes created these lovely coordinating tattoos.

How cute is this tin can design from Hollie West of Indigo Tattoo in the UK?

A family that inks together, stays together. These cousins continue the tin can theme in this meaningful design.

Pineapples are a symbol of warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality -- perfect for a set of matching tattoos! These were designed by ılgın özdoğan, a Turkish tattoo artist.

This cartoon design is perfect for those who are young at heart.

Get a personalized tattoo by using your friend, family, or partner's fingerprints as part of your design. These were done by Tianna Osborne of Klockwork Tattoo Club.

Have your partner protect your heart with this adorable design.

These BFF tattoos are a creative way to show your bond.

Make your tattoos especially unique by getting your tattoos written in your partner's handwriting! Brilliant, right? These were done by Rozlyn Dubz, a Toronto-based tattoo artist.

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