Here’s Where to Find the Best Online and Instagram Workouts

Here’s where you can find home workout routines to stay fit and burn energy.

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Stay Active While Inside

While gyms are closed and we're stuck at home, plenty of beloved fitness brands are offering workouts for free online through either their website, app or on Instagram. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites–from barre to boxing classes–that are sure to keep your heart pumping!

Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness is a celeb favorite! A $27 per month membership awards you access to over 4,000 digital classes and live daily workouts. The instructors are upbeat and move to catchy tunes that’ll help your 28-minute session feel like it flew by!

Rumble Boxing Classes

If you love kicking and punching your way to health, these classes from the boxing gym Rumble are the way to go. Their trainers post different workouts on their Instagram account that are sorted by time and focus. Check out a 30-minute shadowboxing and HIIT workout, or check back to see their schedules for Instagram live workouts that you can do in real time.

Les Mills Classes

You may not think you’ve heard of Les Mills, but they’ve been developing classes for popular gyms for years. Now, they’ve partnered with EGYM to bring a ton of workouts to the public for free until the end of May. There are hundreds to choose form, all of which can be coordinated with your fitness level.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is offering some of its iconic classes for free on their Pure Barre Go Facebook page. They’ve been sharing the live schedules on their Instagram account, as well as on Facebook. Recordings of the classes also save to their Facebook page, so you can tune in when you have time. Both 30 and 45-minutes sessions are available.

Life Fitness

Daily workouts by Life Fitness are free on their Digital Coach platform. They will be offering bodyweight, small accessory and recovery workouts. They’re also posting fun tips for staying fit on their Instagram.


While this is typically a rowing-focused class, the NYC-based studio has been posting free workouts with its trainers on their Instagram. Don’t worry, they don’t require any equipment. While the sessions only last around 20-minutes, that’ll be all you can take after doing rounds of squats, burpees and tons of pushups.

The Class by Taryn Toomey

These classes are loved by celebrities, and now you can try them for free. While they do require you to enter a credit card number, you are free to cancel it before the 14-day trial is up. The sessions focus on intentional dance and cardio numbers, and they’re sure to get your heart pumping!

Planet Fitness

If this is your normal gym, you won’t have to miss a beat! Planet Fitness is offering daily classes at 7 p.m. EST, and a variety of other classes throughout the day, on their Facebook page. Don’t worry if you missed the broadcast–you can find the workouts on their YouTube page.

Beachbody On Demand

Not only is Beachbody offering over 1,100 free adult classes for 14-days, but they’re also offering free sessions to kids on their Vimeo page throughout this unprecedented time. The classes range from yoga and Pilates to cardio and dance.


If you’re missing high-intensity workouts, make sure you catch one of Barry’s classes that they’re hosting on Instagram live. Instructors lead calorie-burning workouts from their own apartments, and upload new workouts hosted by different people each day. You can check out their schedule on their Instagram or watch each day’s work out within 24 hours before it is replaced by a new one!

The Sculpt Society with Megan Roup

These classes are all the rage among celebrities and models, and Megan Roup is now hosting free versions on her Instagram. The classes infuse fun cardio dance moves with a great soundtrack, and Roup even occasionally has guest appearances. While most of the workouts are completely equipment-free, she will occasionally bust out soup cans to use as weights.

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