Kid-Friendly Workouts to Get the Whole Family Moving

These at-home exercises are fun and good for you.

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Stay Healthy

With everyone at home, gyms closed and extracurricular sports canceled, it can be hard for everyone to get a healthy amount of exercise per day. To combat this, try getting the whole family on board for routines that can be fun for all. Engage your family's competitive side by seeing who can do the most reps!

Star Jumps

Do a spin on the classic jumping jack by having the family form a star shape with their bodies. Start with your feet together and arms at your side and jump to a position with your legs spread wide and hands overhead. For added fun, tell your kids that everyone is pretending to be Patrick Star from SpongeBob!


Lay on the ground and let your body take off with the superman pose! To become the famed superhero–and work your abs–lay face down on a mat with your arms outstretched, and then raise your hands and legs 4-5 inches from the ground. Hold this position for about five seconds before relaxing and then repeat!


Burpees work all of your major body parts, including your shoulders, chest, abs, quads, inner thighs, triceps and more. They take a lot of energy and will have you out of breath after a few reps, which makes it ideal for a challenge with your kids. Turn burpees into a game and see who can do the most in 60 seconds.

Crab Walk

Work your upper bodies by sitting on the ground, shifting your hands behind you and pushing up on your arms and legs. This position makes it easy to kick and is perfect for a game of crab walk soccer in the backyard!

Mountain Climbers

Do your kids love to run inside? This is a safe alternative! Have everyone start in a plank, lift one knee and bring it toward your elbow before returning to a plank. Quickly alternate legs and see who in the family can do the most climbs in a minute.

Wall Sits

Set a timer for 20 seconds and hold a squat against the wall. Were you successful? Great! Raise the time by 30 seconds and continue like so. Who in the family can hold their position for the longest?


Sometimes, all kids need to do to expel energy is go for a nice run. Encourage your little ones by joining them for a quick jog or two around the block.

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