How to Make A Flower Crown

Finish off your prom look with a DIY crown of posies.

Make a Flower Crown

Making a flower crown with elements from your garden couldn't be easier. The sweet simplicity of this craft reflects a love of natural surroundings whether you are celebrating your event indoors or out.

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Flower Crown Supplies

For this craft you will need: assorted real or silk flowers/copper wire/florist tape/garden shears/ribbon.

Make the Crown Base

Unwrap your wire and determine size by wrapping wire around your head (or the head of the person who will be wearing it) and then cut the wire, leaving a little bit extra on each end in order to secure by twisting the ends together.

Create the Flower Cluster

Clip flowers and cluster them together, making sure that each stem is long enough to be wrapped and then attached to wire.

Preparing the Flower Cluster

Wrap the ends of the flower cluster tightly with florist tape. Leave a tab of several inches of tape, which will be used to secure the flowers to the wire crown form.

Attach Flowers to Crown

Starting at what will be the back of the crown, attach flowers to wire using the extra tab of florist tape. Wrap tape tightly to secure.

Building the Crown

Continue adding flower clusters to the crown, tucking each new one underneath the previous cluster to disguise the tape.

Securing the Flower Clusters

If you are using flowers with thick stems, you may need the added security of florist wire to attach to the crown form.

Finishing Touches

Repeat the process of adding ribbon onto the other side, wrapping until it meets the other strand in the middle and cut so that both ends dangle down from the back of the crown.

Crowning Glory

Wearing a flower crown is the perfect way to show others how much you appreciate the simple beauty found in nature.

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