10 Creative Ways to Ask Your Bridal Party to Stand in Your Wedding

Here are some fun ways to ask your tribe to stand by your side.

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10 Ways to Invite Your Besties to Join Your Wedding Party

The second biggest question surrounding your wedding day is asking your friends to stand behind you while you say "I do." Here are a few ways to create a wedding party proposal everyone will remember!

Say it with Sweets!

There are so many delicious ways out there to ask, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid/Groomsmen?” Try saying it with customized frosted cookies, colorful cupcakes and even personalized fortune cookies. They’ll think you are sweet as sugar and say yes!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

The people that stand up in your wedding are usually your besties and close family, so why not take a trip down memory lane with a cute little photo book? Add creative captions, rehash funny stories and highlight the awkward moments that bonded you as friends.

Gather Some Goodies

Put together a fun little kit filled with goodies that show your love. Create your own or get one like this that has wedding essentials like nail polish and hair ties or, for guys, whiskey and playing cards.

Cheers to Your Crew!

Toast to good times and good friends with a bottle made just for them. There are so many cute ways to make each unique, from personalized beer and wine labels – you can even add photos! – to customized cocktail glasses or flasks.

Send a Sentimental (or Silly!) Message

There many hilarious ways to ask a friend to stand-up if that’s the kind of rapport you have with your buds, but maybe you are more sentimental and want to write a heartfelt, hand-written message, or the witty side of you wants to write a poem. Either way, the written word goes a long way!

Win the Friendship Lotto

You have won the lotto with such good people to stand by your side! Acknowledge this by having each friend try their hand at a scratch and win card that reveals your ask. There are all sorts of cute and personalized ones out there that are way more chic than the gas station version.

Dress the Part

Why not get dressed for the occasion? There are so many adorable wearables. From shirts to tanks, headbands and hats, your posse can wear slogans like Team Bride or Team Groom, Bride’s Babes, Squad, etc.

Bring on the Bling

Who doesn’t love being showered with jewelry? It doesn’t have to be super pricey – cute bangles or a personalized initial necklace for the girls, cufflinks or tie clips for the guys. A small token of appreciation will make a big difference.

Pamper Your People

Wedding planning can be super stressful for all involved so why not treat yourself and your pals to a little spa time. Get manis and pedis, or a spa treatment of your choice as a group, and then ask them to be a part of your special day.

Wine and Dine

If cooking is your jam, or you just love going out to eat, treat your friends to a meal. Whip up some appetizers and cocktails or go to brunch at your favorite spot. Make your friend her favorite meal or snag a reso at your favorite restaurant. Breaking bread with your bridesmaids is a great way to get them pumped to share your special day.

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