6 Simple Swaps to Save You Money on Your Wedding Day

Get a little more bang for your wedding day buck.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Save Major Wedding Day Dollars With These Budgeting Swaps

When it comes to planning your wedding, you may be thinking “more is more” but your wedding budget is saying “less is more.” So how can you plan the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank? The key is to make calculated swaps to save money but not sacrifice the quality and details you envision for your big day. Here are six places to start the swap.

Rethink Your Flowers

The final bill from your florist can be a real shock to your system. Opt for more greenery and less blooms. You can still create a beautiful and dramatic effect with gorgeous greens without spending a lot of green. If you are dreaming of peonies but it will cost you big time to have them in every corner of your wedding, ask your florist for less expensive and local alternatives. A great florist will still give you beautiful bouquets and arrangements that won’t cost you a small fortune.

Take a Little Off the Cake

Save big on small changes to your cake. For instance, say no to sugar flowers and use fresh flowers instead. If you dream of an impressive cake but don’t want the impressive bill, some bakers with make only the top part cake — for you and your new spouse to taste — while the rest of the cake is fake. Then have yummy sheet cakes that are already sliced and ready for your guests to enjoy.

Limit The Bar

You want your guests to have a blast, but the bar bill can skyrocket at the end of the night. So, plan ahead and offer less varieties of alcohol — you don’t need every type of top shelf liquor. Offer just wine, beer and a signature drink to keep the party going but not the big bill. When it comes to the champagne toast, let guests toast with whatever they are drinking rather than the bubbly. You can also save on the final bill by closing down the bar during dinner and opening it back up with it's time to dance the night away.

Choose All-Inclusive

You may think all-inclusive only works for your honeymoon, but it can also save you money for you wedding. While unique wedding receptions are great, they can cost you big time if you have to pay extra for chairs, dishes, linens and multiple vendors. However, choosing a more traditional location where everything is already included in your bill will not only save you money but extra energy while planning as well.

Double Duty

Let some of your details work overtime. Offer favors to couples, rather than one for each guest. Your favor can also serve as an escort card, and if you are really good at planning ahead, make the favors edible so it serves as a late-night snack instead of feeding your guests a little treat at the end of the night.

Save the Date

From opting for a morning or afternoon wedding, getting hitched on another day of the week and even booking during the off-season, you can save thousands just by choosing a different date. Ask your vendors and do a little research before you book your big day.

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