8 Hidden Venue Fees You Need to Know About Before Your Big Day

From simple to almost sneaky, these extra costs could totally bust your wedding budget.

By: Amanda Mushro

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You’ve found the perfect venue for your wedding day and you’re ready to sign a contract to lock in your date. But, before you sign on the dotted line, check to make sure these hidden fees aren’t part of the fine print.

Serving the Good Stuff

From a cutting fee for slicing and serving that already-expensive wedding cake to a corkage fee for popping the bubbly, these hidden charges are an easy way for your venue to make a few extra dollars. Be careful, it can shock you when you see the final total at the end of the night.

Early Access to Your Venue

While your florist and wedding planner may want to get a jump on setting up for your wedding day, their early entrance to the venue could cost you in the end. Some venues have an early access charge as a way to cover potential money lost from not being able to host two events in the same day.

Dancing the Night Away

You don’t want your wedding day to end so you keep on dancing a few more hours. While this sounds like fun, you can be charged a hefty fee by the venue if you party past the set time.

Extra Power

If your DJ has an amazing light show and some impressive speakers, all that extra juice could cost you. Some venues need to add more power to safely let your DJ play his funky music and that extra use comes as a cost to you.

Choosing Your Vendors

Some venues offer approved vendors and choosing a vendor outside of that list could mean spending a lot more money.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

When you are looking at the total costs of the wedding venue, make sure you have all taxes, fees and gratuities presented to you as part of the total. This way, you aren’t shocked by the final price.

Clean Up and Break Down

The party is over and someone needs to clean up the place. Your venue may have an additional fee for this service that you didn’t budget for.

Paying for the Party

If you are breaking out the credit card to pay your bill, remember that some venues will add extra fees. Before paying all at once or using credit instead of a check, be sure to ask about extra charges because even when you’re wrapping up the bill you could still end up paying more.

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