8 Things Your Wedding Makeup Artist Wants You to Know

Get the inside wedding day makeup scoop from TLCme's beauty expert, Claire Ashley.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Wedding Day Make-Up Tips from Claire Ashley

A makeup artist can give you the perfect wedding day look. From a dramatic eye to the perfect blush lip color, a makeup artist can work their magic while you sit back and sip a mimosa with your bridesmaids.

Or, if you’re feeling overwhelmed about working with a makeup artist and decided to do your own makeup, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to execute the perfect wedding day look with or without a professional.

Lucky for us, our beauty expert and host of TLCme’s video series Love Yourselfie, Claire Ashley, is sharing all of the insider beauty tips makeup artists wish brides knew before they sit down in front of the vanity.

Skip the Something New

Every bride wants beautiful, glowing skin on her big day, but Claire suggests that this is not the time to hit the makeup counter.

“It is recommended to not try a new skincare product or facial too close to your wedding, just in case your skin has a reaction to it,” Claire said. “You'd rather be safe than sorry.”

Picture Perfect

While SPF is important every day, Claire suggests skipping protectant on your wedding day.

“Avoid SPF in your products for the big day,” she said. “SPF casts a white flashback on the skin in photos, which we want avoid for the wedding day.”

Add a Little More

Even if you are going for a natural look, makeup artists will probably be a little heavier handed than you are used to. This way your makeup lasts all day and shows up in photos. So, expect to see more bronzer and blush.

Plan Ahead

No one wants a red and itchy bride. So, if you have allergies or skin sensitivities, Claire recommends asking what brands your makeup artist carries and if they are able to accommodate your needs. Be sure to have this discussion before the big day. Your skin will thank you.

Timing is Everything

When you plan your wedding morning, Claire suggests doing your makeup after your hair. This way, your makeup is most fresh.

Tools of the Trade

If you are doing your own makeup, make sure you have these two items in your bag.

“Use a primer and a setting spray on your big day to ensure your makeup will last all day long,” Claire said. “It’s like insurance for your makeup!”

Test Run

Letting someone else do your makeup? Then make an appointment to have a test run.

“If you're using a makeup artist, a wedding makeup trial is highly encouraged,” Claire said. “This will put your mind at ease and let you test out a few different looks so you feel the most confident with your decision.”

How to Choose

Not sure how to choose your wedding day makeup colors? Here’s what Claire recommends: “If you're doing makeup on yourself, choose a blush and lip color that is complimentary. For example, if you do a pink tone on the cheek, go for a pink tone on the lip for a beautiful uniform look.”

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