8 Wedding Traditions You Can Totally Skip

We love traditions, but here are a few you can pass on.

By: Amanda Mushro

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When to Break with Tradition

Wedding traditions can be lovely and make for a beautiful wedding. However, rules are meant to be broken and your wedding day should reflect you and your partner’s style and personality. So go ahead and break those rules! Need a few ideas of traditions you can skip on your big day? Here are eight that can totally go – you have our permission.

The Bride Wore White

Why should the bridesmaids have all the fun and color in their dresses? From beautiful blush gowns, pops of color in accessories, and even head-to-toe bright hues, brides don’t need to follow the wearing white tradition any longer. Your wedding gown is your chance to show your personality and color can be a part of that.

Boys On One Side, Girls On the Other

Your wedding party should include the people who are most important to you — whether they are male or female. So don’t feel like your best guy friend can’t stand by your side or your partner can’t have his best gal pal on his side. No need to separate the guys and gals any longer. Simply create your wedding party from the people you want to have beside you on your wedding day.

Classic Wedding Tunes Only

You don’t have to walk down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride” or “Canon in D” just because it’s traditional. Choose songs to be played at your ceremony that will make both of you smile when you hear them on your big day and for years after.

Crazy Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Even though these take place before the wedding, don’t feel pressured to have your friends throw an epic and crazy “stag party” if that’s really not your style. Don’t want your friends to spend a ton of money? Do something local and fun. There’s no need to jet off to Vegas just because these parties are supposed to be wild and over-the-top. You do you and make it all about being with your favorite people.

Garter Toss

If the idea of your spouse hiking up your gown to find your garter while your great-aunt watches makes you uncomfortable, then feel free to just say no to the garter toss. Instead, play another fun song and keep the party going on the dance floor.

White Wedding Cake

Go ahead and skip the wedding cake covered in fondant and sugar roses and choose something yummy you’ll want to dig into. From pies to mini cakes to donuts, there are plenty of delicious ways to skip the traditional, expensive wedding cake and make it something you and your honey will love.

The Groom Can't See the Bride

More couples are skipping this tradition and taking just a few minutes before their ceremony to have a private moment also known as a “first look.” As a couple, you can do this alone or with your photographer to capture both of your faces as you see one another for the first time before the ceremony. If you are feeling nervous before you walk down the aisle, seeing your love can be the perfect way to calm nerves and remind you of what’s most important on your wedding day.

Cake Smashing

Your makeup is flawless and there’s no need to have buttercream smeared on your face, ruining that perfect contour. Let’s just all agree to skip this tradition, shall we?

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