9 Overused Wedding Trends to Skip in 2019

Once trendy, but we're over these.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Wedding Trends on their Way Out in 2019

If you are starting to feel like every wedding you attend seems to be a little too cookie cutter – the same flowers, the same bridesmaid’s gowns and the same music at the reception – then now is the time to break traditions and trends that were once popular but now overused. Not sure what to let go of? Here are nine wedding trends to give the heave-ho in 2019.

Rustic Weddings

From large, open spaces filled with shabby-chic décor and, of course, burlap and baby’s breath on every table, brides in 2019 are looking for more elegant options. While we loved the rustic wedding trend, it is one that many brides used and we can’t wait to see different themes.

Rose Gold and Copper

While these beautiful colors have been super popular with brides in recent years, they’ve run their course. Look for brides playing with bright and bold colors instead.

Giant Palm Leaves

If you are getting hitched on a tropical island, this lush greenery is perfect. However, if your wedding is happening far from the beach, then it’s time to skip the palm leaves and opt for something else. For a different style, check out flowers local to your area or ask a florist for recommendations.

Large Wedding Parties

Instead of seeing bridesmaids and groomsmen numbers in the double digits, small and intimate wedding parties are the way to go for brides planning their 2019 nuptials.

Photo Booths

While fun during their heyday, it’s time to retire photo booths from weddings. Still want your guests to have a little photo fun? Try updating this trend with virtual reality booth instead. (Or use the money to upgrade the bar and/or champagne at your wedding.)

Oversized Bouquets and Flower Crowns

Small and chic bouquets will be on trend in 2019 — after all, they are a lot easier to carry and won’t take away from the bride and her dress. Also, this year will be about skipping the overused flower crowns and letting your flower girls wear them instead.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

While creators on Etsy will not be happy about this one, all of the signage at weddings has been overdone. Honestly, we can find the bar, the dance floor and the dessert without a rustic sign pointing the way.

Candy Displays

Much like the photo booths, this display has run its course at weddings and should be reserved for a kid’s birthday party. Still want to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth? Create a mini dessert bar instead.

Meaningless Favors

Most wedding guests will ditch the favors before they get to their car at the end of the night. So, if you are going to spend the money and time to create a wedding favor, make it something everyone will like — preferably late night snacks they can grab on their way out the door.

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