10 Benefits of Postponing Your Wedding That You May Not Have Thought About

Why rush perfection?

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A Few Things to Consider

Having to postpone your wedding can feel like a real bummer, especially after spending so much time planning the big day and inviting a long list of guests. However, with the ongoing unknowns surrounding Covid-19, it’s been inevitable for so many brides and grooms to put a pause on their original wedding day. But, even with a wedding date lingering around 2021 or 2022, there’s still a lot of silver linings to consider. Here’s a list of 10 big benefits that come with postponing your wedding for a future date.

You Can Have More Mini Celebrations

A postponed wedding doesn’t mean all of your celebrations are put on pause. Tap into opportunities to celebrate your engagement, bridal shower and even bachelorette party with virtual events or get togethers with smaller groups. If you’re up for it, you can find yourself having some sort of celebration every month in a more intimate setting than before.

You Can Make that First Dance Memorable for the Right Reasons

Chances are you were saving the details of your first dance for the last minute and planned to learn some quick moves from an online video. Instead, work with your fiancé on creating a first dance you’re both comfortable with that will be unforgettable for the right reasons. Pick a song (or mashup of songs) that fits both of your personalities and make learning the moves a monthly date night.

You Can DIY Without Feeling Rushed

Say hello to the long list of DIY projects that you never would have finished on time if your wedding wasn’t postponed. Search for coupons online for craft stores and pick monthly projects to conquer. Your wedding will finally look like all the things you’ve spent hours pinning on Pinterest now that you have the time.

You Can Be Smarter with Your Cash

Pump the brakes on wedding spending and re-evaluate your budget. Now that the wedding is on pause, there can be an opportunity to change your overall plans and cut back on how much you initially planned to spend. Use the time you have to adjust how you’re spending your money and challenge yourself to spend $5,000-$10,000 less than you originally thought you would.

You Can Invest in Your Relationship

The first few weeks after getting engaged feel like the only special time you and your fiancé have to celebrate the memorable occasion together before a pile of wedding stress enters your life. Now that you have less of a time crunch to get ready for the celebration, use the months or years until your new wedding date to invest in your relationship. Enter your marriage making sure you and your partner are on the same page. Perhaps that means going to marriage counseling, embarking on an adventure together–like a big home décor project or fostering an animal together–or just spending quality time renewing the relationship.

You Can Hunt for Deals

As the seasons change, wedding vendors often offer deals. If you’re still hunting for vendors, a dress or even décor, you should give yourself (and your wallet) a high-five because now you have the chance to grab some special offers that will help you decrease your overall budget for your big day.

You Can Kick the Constant Stress

Planning a wedding under a time crunch brings constant stress. Now that your date is changed, you can space out the rest of the decisions you have to make or plans you have to arrange. Eyeball your calendar and set deadlines that make the rest of your wedding planning feel like a breeze.

You Can Have Two Special Dates to Celebrate

Rather than tossing out your original wedding date and erasing it from your mind, use that date as a chance to press the pause button on the hecticness of 2020 and do something special with your fiancé. Make it a yearly tradition. Maybe it’s a chance to spend the day recreating parts of your first date or celebrating with a special meal or adventure. Use it as a chance to do something, just the two of you, that helps you reconnect and relax.

You Can Start from Scratch

Chances are you made a couple of fast decisions when planning your original wedding that you wished you didn’t say yes to. With your wedding date moved and your wedding plans changed, use this as an opportunity to switch up vendors, décor and even menu options that you weren’t fully satisfied with.

You Can Focus on New Goals

Planning a wedding on a tight deadline can feel all-encompassing and eat up your spare time. While you’re making decision after decision, everything else in your life can feel like it’s put on pause. Now that you have some time back and your wedding is months or even years away, use that empty calendar to focus on new goals. Maybe it’s learning a new skill with your fiancé–cooking, painting, woodworking–or taking up a new solo hobby that you’ve always wanted to dive into.

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