How to Get the Best Fall Wedding Photos

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Photo By: Samantha Robshaw Photography

Photo By: Evan Godwin

Photo By: Evan Godwin

Photo By: Abby Rose

Photo By: Samantha Robshaw Photography




Photo By: Reflectivity Photography

Photo By: Kent Drake Photography

Photo By: Sharon Pye Photography

Tips from Photographers

Fall is often the most picturesque time of year with beautiful changing leaves and less sweaty temperatures. Place a gorgeous bride, groom and bridal party in this setting and you may just end up with stunning photos that last a lifetime. We spoke with photographers across the country to get their best tips and tricks for capturing fantastic fall wedding photos.

Use the Landscape

Evan Godwin of Evan Godwin Photography in Dallas, Texas loves to use the landscape for depth in the fall.

“Find some great outdoor spots that have depth to them during the fall season,” he said. “While gorgeous tree lines will make for some great backdrops, find an area that you can shoot in versus in front of. Shooting inside a colorful environment will allow your photographer to layer natural elements in the foreground, mid ground and background.”

Catch the Golden Hour

Godwin also loves to take advantage of the Golden Hour.

“If at all possible, shoot during the Golden Hour, right before sunset,” he said. “Shooting an hour before sunset with the sun in the background will cast a warm, soft glow on your portraits. This amplifies yellow and orange tones in the background as well, really providing a POP to wedding dresses.”

Utilize Lighting

Abby Rose of Abby Rose Photography in Ann Arbor, Michigan is also a big fan of that special Golden Hour.

“Plan your timeline to utilize the best light!” she said. “Nothing beats the Golden Hour for portraits. The light is soft and flattering, and if you pose with the sun behind you, you'll literally glow. I often encourage my couples to step outside for a few moments to take advantage.”

Embrace the Colors of Fall

Samantha Robshaw from Samantha Robshaw Photography in Rhode Island loves the beauty of a good New England fall and tries to incorporate that into her seasonal wedding photos.

“When shooting a fall wedding there are a couple things that give a photograph that autumn feel... [including] warm colors and rich tones, as well as fall props like leaves, gourds and fall florals,” she said. “Incorporating as much of those fall tones as possible is key—whether it’s a classic car in jewel tones or simply the colors the bridal party is wearing.”

Use a Cover as a Prop

Cynthia Chung of Cynthia Chung Weddings in New York City adores fall weddings for the crisp air, making outdoor photos so much easier. One of her tips, get a great cover to keep warm and add a bit of fun to your photos!

“Having a fashionable cover to keep yourself warm over your wedding dress is a must, like a leather jacket, wrap, scarf or fur!” she said. “Fall is unpredictable in NYC, and sometimes it can get super chilly.”

Create Wedding GIFS

Chung is also a fan of creating GIFs to share on social media, especially in the fall.

“I love getting the bridal party to get funky,” she said. “Dance around and be creative while also warming up—they make some great GIFs!”

Fake Fall in Summer Year-Round Locations

Emma Smith and her husband Josh are a photography duo, Emma + Josh, in Ventura County, California, where fall weather doesn’t always come their way like it does in the Midwest and East Coast.

“In Southern California, you might not always have a venue that produces fall colors,” Emma said. “Or maybe, it's still 100 degrees in late September and it doesn't feel remotely like fall. Bringing lots of deep reds, oranges, even some yellows into your florals is a fantastic way to add subtle fall touches to your wedding.”

Incorporate the Changing Leaves

Chelsea Diffenderfer of Reflectivity Design in southeastern Michigan is used to a picturesque fall, so she challenges herself to come up with new ways to incorporate the changing leaves.

“As summer fades to fall, the temperature and length of daylight change. The leaves have no choice but to transition to beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange,” she said. “As a photographer, I embrace this natural process and try to incorporate the beauty of the leaves into my images. Don’t limit yourself to just the backdrop of fall colors for bridal portraits. I push myself and try to think outside of the box. Creatively, I think it’s important to incorporate fall aspects in unique ways. I don’t think there is really a better backdrop for a stunning ring shot than a colorful, one-of-a-kind leaf!”

Add Leaves to Your Bouquet

Chicago wedding photographer Kent Drake Morien of Kent Drake Photography loves to focus on design details that make each wedding unique.

"When fall comes around, what better way to embrace the changing colors than to incorporate them in your bouquet?” he said. “[A] bride built this rustic arrangement around the warm tones of fall and accessorized with vibrant transitioning leaves!”

Get Moving

Sharon Pye shoots documentary and candid-style wedding photos in New Orleans and beyond.

“I love lots of movement in my images,” she said. “On a slightly chilly day, wear something warm [that] still allows you to move. Ask your couples to move, dance, stay connected and just have fun! They will keep warm this way!”

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