How to Sell Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses

An easy way to make back some of the cash you've spent as a bridesmaid over the years!

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Turn Dresses into Cash

If you’re starting to get tired of eyeballing the bridesmaid dresses hanging in the back of your closet, perhaps it’s time to get a new game plan and figure out what to do with them. Sure, you can strategize on how to wear them again at a future event or even virtual wedding, but what if you could turn those old dresses into cash? If you’ve ever wondered how to sell your old bridesmaid dresses and turn the layers of chiffon and polyester into money, here are seven ways to help make that happen.

Local Consignment Shops

Create a list of local consignment shops in your area that buy and sell used clothing. Call and ask if they take bridesmaid dresses and, if yes, how much they usually buy them for. Some stores will offer a lower amount if you want cash and give you more money if you take store credit. This is a great option if you’re looking to swap out a bridesmaid dress for a new outfit you’ll actually wear.

Local Bridal Shops

Research local bridal shops and give them a call to see if they buy used bridesmaid dresses. Some will offer a discounted used dress section in their shop for people who are looking to buy dresses second-hand and at a lower price point. You might be able to sell back a dress for 50 percent of the original price you paid.

Facebook Groups

If you’re looking to sell the dress and make some fast cash, turn to social media for help. There are quite a lot of Facebook groups out there where people buy and sell used bridesmaid dresses. Search either for groups in your local area or ones with a general wedding theme. Share a photo of the dress, the size, style and color and wait to see if anyone wants it.

Find the Best Pre-Owned Clothing Website

Browse for pre-owned dress websites and marketplaces where you can list your gown for a price that you’re comfortable with. You can try websites like Tradsey or this pre-owned wedding dress website (that also welcomes used bridesmaid dresses).

Download a Popular Buy & Sell App

List your dresses on an app that gets a lot of eyeballs and has a lot of users, like Poshmark or ThreadUp. Users head to those places when they are looking for a specific item and having your bridesmaid dresses on there might be a quick way for you to make a sale. Plus, you can list the dress at the price you prefer.

Post a Classified Ad

We’re not just talking about classified ads in newspapers. An even better way to get your dresses noticed is by posting on a wedding website message board or classified section where people are actively to buy, sell or swap items, like this website, Wedding Bee.

Ask People You Know

If you’re not having much luck on apps or websites, put feelers out there with friends and family. Likely, they know someone that might be interested in buying your dress. Word of mouth can be the best sales tool, even for your old bridesmaid dresses.

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