Last-Minute Reminders Before You Walk Down the Aisle

A checklist for your big day! Be sure to tune in to the special series of Say Yes to the Dress America, Saturdays at 8/7c.

1. Make sure your registry/wedding website is updated.

2. Pick up your marriage license.

3. Pick up your wedding rings a few days in advance. You'd be surprised how easily this part is forgotten. Maybe assign this task to the best man or maid-of-honor.

4. Pack for the wedding night/honeymoon.

5. Get welcome bags/gifts ready for the bridal/groom party.

6. Confirm plans with all wedding vendors.

7. Pack a “wedding day emergency kit” (makeup, toiletries, etc).

8. Make sure you and your photographer are on the same page. Tell him who you want to be photographed together, what moments you want to make sure he captures. You can't get your favorite moments or people captured on film if the photographer doesn't know you want them.

9. Assign a family member to be in charge of gathering all the cards/gifts you get at the wedding. Maybe even give him/her a house key so they can get all your gifts to your home for you.

10. Assign a family member or friend as a point person to field inquiries so you won't have to be any more stressed out than you already are.

Planning for your special day? Head to to learn how to easily create a universal gift registry!

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