10 Low-Waste Wedding Ideas

Here’s how to make sure your big day is kind to Mother Earth.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Host a Stylish, But Eco-Friendly, Wedding

You can have the wedding of your dreams and still maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle. From what you wear to how you decorate and even what your guests take home, here’s how to plan for a low-waste wedding that’ll reduce your impact on the environment.

Thoughtful Invites

Opt. for eco-friendly paper that is made from recycled materials or that can be turned into something else—like seeded paper that can be planted to grow flowers. Just be sure your wedding guests know their invites are pulling double duty. However, if you want to go with a no waste option, make it all paper-less and sent out invites via email.

Pick Your Venue Wisely

Minimize decorating and extra waste by choosing a venue that is lovely on its own. This means you won’t be bringing in extra items to make the place ready for your guests. So, not only is this tip kinder on our environment but it will be kinder on your budget. Ask about reusable decor and supplies so that you don’t need to find another vendor to bring in items like tables, chairs and linens.

Choose Sustainable Brands

When it comes to what you’ll be wearing on your big day, make your something new a dress from a sustainable brand. Check out brands like AGATTI, Reformation or Wear Your Love for gorgeous options that are also eco-friendly.

Try Rentals

Or, make your gown your “something borrowed” by choosing a rental option like Rent The Runway or Borrowing Magnolia.Your wedding party can also jump in on your low-waste inspiration by renting their dresses as well.

Count Your Guests

Think about your guest list and only invite friends and family who mean the most to you. The number of wedding guests can quickly get out of hand when you and your partner start adding people out of obligation rather than who you want. However, keeping your list small will ensure your day is personal and that you are leaving less waste behind.

Shop Locally

Search for local food and alcohol options to design your menus around. This not only helps out your local economy but the environment, too. You can also donate any leftovers and make sure no food is wasted.

Ditch Extra Plastic

Make sure everyone stays hydrated at your wedding but say no to plastic water bottles and yes to hydration stations. Simply fill large containers with different varieties of fruit infused water.

Find Florists Nearby

Source local flowers that are in season for beautiful buds to brighten your big day without adding to your wedding’s carbon footprint. Ask your florist to skip flowers that will need to be sourced from locations far away from your wedding venue so you can save on emissions.

Make Décor a Party Favor

Opt for live plants and succulents that can first be used as décor and then gifted as favors to wedding guests.

Or, Opt. Out of Favors

Skip favors all together or make sure your guests are taking home something they can consume, like honey, olive oil or preserves. If you want to inspire your guests to be kinder to the environment, give out small seedlings or even a personalized, reusable canvas bag.

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