10 Quarantine Proposals That Will Bring on the Happy Tears

Get your tissues ready.

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Couples Who Pulled Off Dream Proposals

Just because a lot of the world is on pause, doesn’t mean that love is canceled. While we’ve been spending a lot of quality time in our homes these past few months, couples have still found over-the-top and creative ways to propose to the ones they love. Quarantine proposals might not include flash mobs, big crowds of onlookers or even the glitz and glam of happening at a couple’s favorite spot in the world, but they sure aren’t boring either. Take a look at these 10 quarantine proposals that’ll go down in the books as memorable for all the right reasons during a very weird time.

Bring the Flash Mob to Zoom

What happens when your fiancé and friends are all far away? Well, like most of us trying to stay connected, you turn to video chat. That’s what this woman did when she popped the question to her longtime best friend turned boyfriend. With the help of her friends, who came together for an organized dance over Zoom, Deepali Shah popped the question in a memorable, virtual style.

Propose from Afar with the Help of Props

Distance and quarantine didn’t cancel this couple’s proposal. Instead, this guy sent his soon-to-be fiancé donuts that spelled out a special message–along with a beautiful ring and flowers–to her house while he waited on video chat to pop the question.

Turn a Surprise into Magic

For one New York City doctor who is working in the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S., life has been all kinds of crazy. What made things even tougher, though, was that her boyfriend, a pharmacist in Maryland, hasn’t been able to visit due to travel restrictions. But one day, when she went over to a friend’s place to help with a photoshoot, she ended up walking into her own virtual proposal.

A Unique At-Work Proposal

During such a stressful time, it can be easy to put happy and exciting moments on the shelf for a while. But for this Illinois man, whose girlfriend works as a nurse at a local hospital, finding a way to propose was something he felt would show her love during a very tough time. He surprised her on one knee outside of the hospital before her shift started.

Leave it to the Face Mask

One of the most memorable things about COVID-19 will be the use of face masks. Most people don’t leave home without one. That’s how this New Jersey man proposed to his girlfriend–by using a mask that read WYMM (Will You Marry Me). It might go down as the most silent way to pop the question, but it’s very much in tune with the way of the world right now.

Eat, Drink and Get Engaged

Some of the most beautiful proposals happen in the simplest way. For this couple, the night started out with a homecooked meal and ended with a question that sealed the deal for them to walk down the aisle and spend their lives together.

A Hint of the Old Plan

This D.C. man always wanted to propose to this girlfriend at a museum they both adored. But, due to the shutdown, he couldn’t make that plan happen anymore. Instead, they took a stroll outside of the museum and he got down on one knee once they made it back home. This shows how you can find ways to incorporate your original plan into your new proposal.

On a No Longer Busy Street

What would have usually been a busy street in Fort Worth, Texas has become the backdrop for a local couple’s proposal. During a walk, with a photographer secretly trailing behind, the guy dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend without any cars or people zooming by.

Get the Loved Ones Involved

For this Texas man, having the whole family together during quarantine prompted him to get everyone involved. He decided to have his two sons write his future bride-to-be letters asking her to marry their father and, when she was done reading them, he was there, waiting to propose.

Without Any Frills but with Lots of Love

Not every proposal has to look like it’s a photoshoot for a high-fashion magazine. For this woman, who found herself in sweatpants with no makeup and dirty hair, the comfort of her proposal was exactly what she’d hope for and she loved the simplicity of it all.

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