13 Romantic Valentine’s Day Weddings

These couples celebrated their union on the day of love.

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V-Day Weddings that Will Make You Say “Awww!”

Are you drawn to or hoping to have your own Valentine’s Day Wedding? Fall in love with these couples and their romantic V-Day nuptials. You’ll be inspired by their love-themed décor, reception ideas and incorporations of all things smitten.

Release Balloon Hearts

Love is in the air–literally! When it’s time for photos, have guests release heart-shaped flowers as you and your loved one join for a kiss. The result is a romantic, Valentine’s Day worthy photo of you, your partner and everyone who came to support you. It’s truly breathtaking!

Play Up the Romance

Cupid’s arrow pulled these two together and hasn’t let them go. Turn up the heat in your wedding photos by posing for a passionate shot with your to-be. It’ll be a photo the two of you always remember.

Don’t Forget Your Furry Loved One

On Valentine’s Day, you should take the time to honor everyone you love–even if it’s also your wedding day–and that includes your furry friend. Enjoy a few licks and cuddles while posing with your pup or other pets during your pre/post wedding photos. You’ll definitely be feeling the love!

Get Hitched in Vegas

About 120,000 marriages are performed in Vegas every year, making it a hub for saying “I do.” To tailor their wedding to Valentine’s Day, Tracy and Daniel celebrated outside of the Eiffel Tower Experience, which boldly glows with red every February 14.

Surround Yourselves in Warm, Pink Hues

Lights, décor and accents of pink and red are perfect for a Valentine’s Day wedding. Every photo and moment will feel as if it’s soaked in the excitement of love. Start your fairy tale off right with a little glam that will pull the strings of every heart in the room.

Hearts and String Lights

Let love surround you! Luigi and Sara’s Valentine’s Day wedding featured beautifully strung lights, heart cutouts and themes of pink and red throughout. The colors joined together to offer a romantic hue around the room, making wedding guests swoon as they watch their love one’s begin a new chapter together.

Drive Away to Your Happily Ever After

Do you dream about being whisked away on your wedding day? Indulge yourselves in the romance of driving off into the sunset in vintage cars on your bid day. Opt for shiny red vehicles to embrace the colors of V-Day, like this couple who celebrated their pairing on February 14 in these getaways.

Sweeten the Photo Booth

Photo Booths are crowd favorites at every wedding. Guests love the signs, shots, props and that they can take a part of the day home with them. Leonel and Crystal incorporated a shimmery pink background and red florals in their booth to play with themes of love and V-Day.

Get the Wedding Party Involved

You found your person, but your friends were there first. Join the bridesmaids and groomsmen together for a personality shot as they all react to the most public display of affection you’ll ever experience–your wedding! For an added Valentine’s Day flair, opt for red roses in bouquets and lapels.

Dress the Bridesmaids in Pink

Keep things cute with a pink motif during your Valentine’s Day wedding. Dress your bridesmaids in blush, bubblegum and other pink tones. Your crew will help you go from celebrating Galentine’s day to Valentine’s day.

Embrace Flower Crowns

There are very few things that are more romantic than flowers on Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of the day by adorning you and your partner with florals of every kind by holding them in a bouquet, on your lapel, as jewelry or even flower crowns!

Stage a Family Photo

Family, friends and plus ones are all there to celebrate the joining of you and your partner. Get them involved in the love day festivities by posing for a huge photo together that includes everyone you love. Form a giant heart and have the photographer take the photo from above. Guests could also be posed to spell the word “Love.”

Walk the Red Carpet

You and your partner are the stars of the show! Embrace the attention and add a Valentine’s Day themed red carpet for added flare. This way, the two love birds can take the first steps into the next chapter of their love story together.

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