The 10 Best Late-Night Wedding Snacks

Don’t let your guests go home hungry!

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Add Some Flavor With Late-Night Eats

Partying late into the night can work up an appetite. Enter the late-night wedding snack. This is a chance to not only satiate your dance-floor loving guests, but also to show off some of your favorite foods. While you may serve a standard chicken or steak for your main meal, the late-night snack is all about fun foods from like childhood favorites and greasy grub. Here are a few creative cuisines couples serve after hours.

Sliders and Fries

What says late-night more than burgers and fries? Serve up sliders (they are more portable than big burgers) and cones filled with French fries, and your partygoers will dance the night away. Go classic with toppings like ketchup, mustard and pickles for your burgers, or kick it up a notch with fancy condiments and dipping sauces.

Food Trucks

If your venue (and budget) allows, food trucks are a fun addition to late-night party hours. Guests will love queuing up for anything from tacos to lobster rolls, churros and kebabs.

Hometown Favorite

If you’re getting married in the place you grew up, why not add a little hometown flair to your late-night snacks with a taste of the city? Serve Coney Dogs at a Detroit wedding, cheesesteaks in Philly or deep-dish pizza in Chicago.


Pizza has become the ultimate late-night food because truthfully, what’s not to love? Make it more personal by serving pies that have the bride and groom’s favorite toppings.

Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies make the ultimate bedtime treat, so why not end your wedding with that same cozy feeling? Gussie it up by serving milk out of martini glasses. Go with classic chocolate chip or go all-out with a cookie and milk bar filled with flavored milk and different cookie varieties.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Mini portions of gooey grilled cheese and comforting tomato soup make a yummy after-hours treat, especially for a winter wedding! Serve the tomato soup in a shot glass with a classic bite of grilled cheese on the side for dunking.

Dessert Cocktails

If a snack isn’t your forte, why not go the dessert cocktail route? There are plenty of delicious cocktails that satisfy a late-night sweet tooth and keep the party buzz going. Serve them in mini glasses so people can drink while they dance. Chocolate martini, anyone?

Breakfast Sandwiches

There’s just something about an egg and cheese sandwich. These handheld savory bites aren’t just for breakfast, they make a delicious snack in the wee hours of the night. Your guests will certainly be satiated.

Chinese Takeout

Lo mein or fried rice served in takeout containers is a super cute idea. The boxes are portable for guests on their way out and who doesn’t think twirling noodles around chopsticks is fun?


Consider a waffle as the ultimate vehicle for anything sweet or savory. Fill them with bacon, top them with fried chicken or infuse them with matcha—anything goes!

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