7 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid

Here's how to minimize wedding stress.

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Host Your Big Day Without a Big Headache

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be a stress-filled experience fueled by endless mistakes and decisions that leave you with anxiety over whether your guests will be happy or if your money was well spent. Avoid making these seven wedding planning mistakes and you’ll find yourself having an easier time putting together your big day without second-guessing yourself.

Mistake #1: Planning Before Budgeting

Put your pen to the paper and set a budget as soon as you get engaged. That way, you can make smart wedding decisions without overspending or giving in to the tempting upsells from wedding vendors. Pick an overall amount you want to spend on the big day and portion it out between the big-ticket items (food, drink, venue, décor, entertainment, dress) and put aside the rest for the smaller details and pop-up costs along the way.

Mistake #2: Conflicting Priorities

Make sure you and your partner are on the same page about your wedding plans. Have a conversation about the top five things you both really want to have at the wedding, and then compromise on items you don’t agree on by creating a separate list of options. The earlier you get on the same page about your decisions and plans, the less you’ll fight along the way.

Mistake #3: Comparing and Contrasting

As you’re chugging along with your plans, skip browsing social media and comparing your wedding to what you see online. You’ll find yourself questioning your decisions and you may feel depressed about things you can’t afford or have. None of that is worth it, and it’s not a positive way to plan. Instead, browse for ideas but cut yourself off once you find that you’re spending more time feeling sad about what you see instead of being excited about your own ideas.

Mistake #4: Sharing Your Plans Widely (or with Opinionated Relatives)

Sharing your wedding plans with others may result in endless opinions that make you regret what you picked. In this case, try keeping what you’ve decided as a secret. Share two or three fun things that you’ve planned and let your loved ones know that they’ll get to see the rest as a surprise on your wedding day.

Mistake #5: Thinking Inside the Box

If your budget is holding you back when it comes to elaborate decorations or centerpieces, don’t give up on making those things happen and instead start thinking outside the box about how you and your partner can DIY as much as you can. If crafting isn’t your specialty, head to a local craft supply store (they often offer free classes) and ask the store employees for advice on easy ways you can put together the décor of your dreams.

Mistake #6: Falling Victim to Upsells

Watch out when you meet with wedding vendors. Some of them will try hard to get you to agree to upsells that’ll cost more money, or they’ll give you a long list of things that you don’t need. Before you meet with a vendor, have a game plan in mind for what you want and what you really don’t care to have. That’ll put you in a stronger position against pushy suggestions.

Mistake #7: Procrastination

Skip the desire to procrastinate and get started early on your wedding planning. You’ll notice that the longer you wait, fewer vendors will be available on your wedding day, and you might miss out on big sales that vendors offer around key holidays and seasons (Valentine’s Day, end of the year, etc.). Plus, the earlier you cross things off your planning list, the better you’ll feel as the wedding day gets closer and closer.

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