10 Wedding Tasks You Can Check Off from Home

Get ahead on preparations.

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Tips for Proactive Brides and Grooms

Staying put at home due to the coronavirus may put a major damper on your wedding planning activities. But the truth is, there’s plenty you can get done without leaving the comfort of your house. Want to feel like the most prepared and ahead of the game bride or groom out there? Here’s a list of 10 wedding tasks you can start checking off this month.

Spruce Up Your Website

With the ever-changing news about the coronavirus and city shutdowns, it’s a good idea to update your wedding website. Add a page to update guests about how the virus might affect your wedding plans and how you’ll alert them of any changes. Add and update your registry based on what’s been purchased and what additional items you might need. Put up more pictures, wedding information and even a weekend itinerary for your big day, as well as other local spots your guests should check out.

Read Over Your Contracts

After you got engaged and set the date, chances are you felt like you had to rush to find all of your vendors and sign on the dotted lines of the contracts they sent you. Since you might have a little bit more time on your hands now, read through the contracts and reach out to your vendors for clarity on anything that confuses you. Also, update your wedding planning document or wedding planner with all of your vendor information and the exact service they will provide.

Finally Write Your Vows

Pouring your heart into a short statement to read on your wedding day can have you facing the strongest of strong cases of writer’s block. Instead of waiting until a few days before the wedding to fight off the procrastination and write your vows, start now by researching what to include, reading samples of vows for inspiration and organizing the bullet points of what you want to include.

Take Online Dance Classes

If your first dance is making you feel nervous jitters, consider clearing out your living room and taking at-home virtual dance lessons. You can start by watching free video tutorials online and, if you need a little extra help to get your coordination going, reach out to dance professionals who will set up a session with you over video chat.

Through a Virtual Hang Out with Your Bridal Party

If the recent news has pressed the pause button on your bridal shower or bachelorette party, or you’re just looking to bring your bridal squad together, throw a virtual happy hour with your bridesmaids. Catch up with one another, share wedding updates and even play some of the same games you would have at your bachelorette party or shower, virtually.

Organize Your "Idea" Boards

With constant wedding inspiration everywhere, from social media to online websites, chances are you have several screenshots and idea boards that could use some organizing. Create folders on your computer, or a scrapbook at home, to organize your decor ideas, centerpieces and the overall style of the wedding. This way, it’ll be easier to browse and share with your different vendors.

Work on Your Lists (Photos, Songs, To-Do)

Wedding planning can feel like a series of never-ending lists to make. A few weeks before your wedding, your photographer and DJ (or band) might ask for lists and you’ll find yourself scrambling to put them together. Take some time now to brainstorm a list of photos you want your photographer to capture (from all the different family member shots to couples shots) and a list of songs you want your entertainer to make sure they play (and a list you want them to skip).

Video Chat Vendors

If you were looking forward to lots of in-person vendor meetings over the next few months, you can still have that face-to-face connection with the people who are going to make your wedding plans come to life. Video chat with vendors to meet and greet them, finalize decisions and ask them questions. You can video with your florist to see centerpiece options, the caterer to see how the food displays will look and your wedding planner to look at different décor options.

DIY Your Heart Out

Now is the time to give into any and all DIY décor projects you had your heart set on. Turn a spot in your house into your own design lab and get going on making the items you’ve saved on your Pinterest board that you were hoping to do last-minute for your wedding.

Get a Head Start on Thank You Notes

Once your wedding ends, you’re going to want to spend a lot of quality time resting and relaxing with your partner. But with one more item on your to-do list, the “Thank You” notes, you’ll find yourself dragging the pen while trying to get them all done so your wedding duties can officially come to an end. Get a head start on this by designing your notes now and start doing the heavy lifting on them. Address the envelopes, write an initial message and, if you want, leave room for something personal and wedding related that you can fill in when the big day is over.

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