10 Unique Virtual Wedding Vendor Services for Coronavirus Brides and Grooms

The party doesn’t have to stop.

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Services That Will Make Your Day Special

What happens when a pandemic shakes up the majority of 2020 weddings? Well, couples and vendors get creative and wedding traditions get a bit of a makeover to meet the way people can celebrate, with their loved ones, from their own homes. While many have had to shift their plans and figure out a way to party online, vendors have come up with unusual services to help couples feel special and still in the spotlight. Here’s a list of 10 of the most unique virtual services that coronavirus brides and grooms can book for their wedding adventure.

Get a Virtual Officiant and a Custom Ceremony

Online weddings can still ooze with the powerful feelings of love, emotion and joy that an in-person ceremony has, as long as you have a professional officiant and a ceremony that’s customized to the couple saying, “I do.” Services like Simply Eloped let couples pick an officiant for their wedding who will tailor a ceremony script that fits them best. Then, Simply Eloped will help with coordinating the details of the ceremony, from bookings to guest invitations.

Photography at a Distance

One of the biggest wedding decisions couples make is around who their photographer will be. Incredible photos bring their big day to life years after it’s over. But, if you’re doing a virtual wedding and you can’t have a photographer there in person, some can assist you without being in the room. Susan Shek Photography offers virtual photoshoots where she captures photos of those getting married, or even does engagement shoots in their own home or backyard while she’s home in Brooklyn. She uses a combination of different technology and her photography skills to capture the joy and love a couple shares, without physically being there with them.

Pick Your Wedding Bands

If you didn’t have a chance to go ring shopping before the virus happened, many jewelry stores will do virtual shopping sessions with you to help you find a wedding band that complements your engagement ring. Gemist, an online jewelry store, offers a ring try-on program where they will send rings to your home so you can put them on and see what you like best.

Build Your Own Video Studio

Once you’ve decided to bring the party online, you’ll want to make sure that–as the host–you have the best video equipment. That way, guests tuning in will be able to see and hear you as you do your virtual ceremony and party. Vendors like JC Lemon Photography are now offering a drop-off livestream kit for virtual weddings. Professional cameras and lighting will be dropped off for a contactless way for couples to level up their presence on Zoom or other streaming services.

At-Home Décor

Just because your plans have changed, doesn’t mean you still can’t go all out with your wedding décor, even if your venue is a bit smaller. Companies like Rent My Wedding are offering wedding decorations that’ll make your virtual wedding feel just as special as a traditional one. The kit comes with specialty lighting and wall draping that will transform any room. Order online and the kit will be delivered right to the couple's door. Setup is easy using simple, step-by-step instructions. Afterward, put everything back in the same box and FedEx will pick it up for return.

Find Your Dream Dress

If the pandemic hit before you were able to find the dress of your dreams, many bridal boutiques are now offering virtual dress try-ons that you can do from your home. Wondering how it works? Boutiques like Something New offer dress consultations where the bride talks with a stylist about wedding details and style likes and dis-likes. The stylist shows the bride-to-be sample dresses based on this discussion. Once a bride settles on a few dresses, Something New ships them to the her or facilitates curbside pick-up with local clients.

Get Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Your dreams of having a bouquet to walk down the aisle with can still come true. Vendors like Flower Moxie are offering home flower kits that they will ship to your door. In it, the couple will receive enough flowers to make a large bridal bouquet, boutonniere and a foam floral cage to be set on a mantle, wall or wedding arch. It also includes the supplies.

Virtual Professional Makeup

Even though you might not be able to have your makeup done or hair styled by a professional, you can still have a professional walk you through the true tips and tricks so you can DIY on your wedding day. Vendors like Elwynn + Cass offer virtual hair and makeup sessions where the artist will be with them in real time via video conferencing (i.e. Zoom, FaceTime, etc.) and can coach brides through the hair and makeup looks they are seeking for the special day.

Honeymoon from Your House

If your honeymoon plans have been put on hold, bring some of that vacation vibe right to your front door. Many hotels, like Isla Bella Beach Resort in the Florida Keys are now offering Honeymoon at Home packages where they will send a honeymoon experience boxed up and delivered right to your doorstep, including a gift card for a future stay. The box includes spa items, homeware, cocktail kits and more.

At-Home Party Games

Bring fun adventures to your virtual bachelorette party! Watson Adventures, known for its live scavenger hunts, is offering at-home virtual experiences like a 90-minute Bridal Trivia Slam virtual hunt that includes a round of trivia questions about the bride-to-be, a customized mystery message to decipher, a wedding-themed photo scavenger hunt and amusing trivia themed around weddings, brides, bachelorettes, honeymoons and wedding nights!

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