9 Unusual Outdoor Venues Couples Are Picking for Their Socially Distanced Weddings

Creative places picked by 2020 brides and grooms.

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Out-of-the-Box Venues

Are you looking for a venue that not only stands out but gives your guests space to spread out? Lucky for you, 2020 weddings have been truly unique, and couples all over the world have turned interesting outdoor locations into memorable spots to tie-the-knot. So, if you’re eager to pick a wedding venue that’s a bit unusual but perfect for a socially distanced wedding, here are nine options for you to consider.

Football Fields

Getting married on a football field can feel like the ultimate touchdown, especially because your guests will have 100 yards to spread out. You can set up tables that are far apart from one another and put a dance floor right on the 50-yard line. You can even decorate a goal post with flowers to serve as your beautiful wedding ceremony arch.

In the Middle of the Ocean

While beach weddings have been popular for decades, the newest trend for ocean lovers doesn’t involve sand. Rather than getting married on the beach or party boat, people are opting to get married out on the sea with their guests pulling up to a location in the water on their very own yachts and boats.

Drive-in Movies

If you’re leaning toward a Zoom wedding but still want to add an in-person component, rent out a drive-in movie theatre. Get married on the stage, have it broadcasted on the big screen and let guests pull up to the occasion in a car, where they can eat food and watch the wedding live.


If you’re looking for a venue where space isn’t an issue, consider a stadium. Block off different sections for different activities including a food section, an automatic photo station section and even have a few dance floors). That way, you can invite more guests but keep distance between them throughout the night.

Outdoor Concert Venues

Search your local town and parks for bandshells or outdoor concert venues. Those spots can be a great space for a wedding. Get married on the stage and use the rest of the space to host a party where people can spread out.

Summer Camps

You’re never too old to relive your glory days at summer camp and now, you might even want to consider getting married at one. You can have small groups of guests stay in cabins and use the different areas for a weekend-long wedding adventure that’s filled with your favorite camp games. Guests would be able to move around, have fun and never feel like they are surrounded by a crowd.


If you’re hosting a mini ceremony but want to do it in a memorable way, invite your handful of guests to a treehouse, where they can watch you and your partner get married from below. It will make for good photos, fun stories and a cool backdrop for your vows to unfold.

Golf Courses

Without using all 18-holes, having a wedding out on a golf course will allow you to space your guests out. Find a golf course that’s in a beautiful location–near water or mountains–and it will give your outdoor wedding an extra twist.

Theme Parks

Can’t get enough of games and rollercoasters? Find a theme park that allows outdoor events and tie-the-knot in an area that gives your wedding a theme with room to spread out. You can transform the space to have special carnival games, see if the park will operate a few rides for guests (limiting capacity) and pass out everyone’s favorite amusement park eats as your late-night snack.

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