Postponing Your Wedding? I Am Too, But Here are 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Date

Make the best out of your situation.

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The Party Doesn’t Have to Stop

Once you’ve picked your wedding date, it becomes a spot on the calendar that you think about constantly during the months leading up to your big day. But, when you make the decision to postpone your wedding, like many 2020 couples have had to do because of the coronavirus, it can feel heartbreaking.

I recently decided to press the pause button on my wedding and let guests know that our original October 2020 date won’t be happening. I found myself in tears when talking about it and wondered how my fiancé and I could still do something special on our original date, even though we wouldn’t be having the wedding.

After chatting with friends and wedding vendors, we made a list of 10 ways we can still celebrate our original wedding date and make it feel special, even though we won’t be dancing the night away in our venue beside all our friends and family members.

Share Your First Dance

Even though there won’t be an audience ooh-ing and aah-ing you on, you and your partner can still turn on the song you picked and dance like no one is watching (because it probably will be just the two of you). You already have good feelings about the song you decided on for your first dance and spending your original wedding date moving along to the lyrics and beat will add to those forever memories.

Have a Toast

Get crafty in the kitchen and concoct your own signature cocktail to drink on your original wedding date. Add spices and flavors that bring out the chemistry of your relationship and, if you’re happy with what you mixed, you can use that drink as your official cocktail on your future wedding day.

Read Your Vows Somewhere Special

One of the most beautiful moments of your wedding day is when you and your fiancé exchange vows. Even though there won’t be an audience filled with your loved ones to listen, it can still be the ultimate moment to find a special spot–somewhere that you and your partner have the greatest memories–and read your vows in a private, yet personal way.

Invite Your Closest Crew Over Video

If it’s bugging you that you can’t spend your wedding date with your closest friends and family, plan a video call where everyone can gather for 30-minutes or an hour. That way, you’ll fill the original wedding date with lots of love and laughter from the people who mean the most to you.

Order In Your Favorite Food

Did you plan to have a special kind of food at your wedding? Bring it to your home and celebrate your wedding date with a special dinner. Maybe you were planning to do a late-night snack with pizza from your favorite local spot or an appetizer from a restaurant you go to almost every Friday night and adore. Make your meal something the two of you are eager and excited about eating on that date.

Cut the Cake

Why wait any longer to cut a piece of your wedding cake and eat it bite by bite? Order a smaller version of your wedding cake or bake one at home so that you can celebrate the day with something extra sweet.

Pose for Photos

Just because you delayed your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t spend the afternoon getting dressed up in fancy clothes and taking photos around local spots that hold a lot of the best memories from your relationship. Hire a photographer, wear your wedding dress (or get a more casual dress) and hit the town for a photo shoot.

Watch Old Wedding Videos

If you want to just spend the day relaxing on the couch, pop in some old wedding videos from your parents or grandparents and enjoy hours of entertainment by watching how your loved ones spent their wedding day. You might need to dig up a VCR, but it’ll be worth it!

Plan Your Honeymoon

Even though your big plans for 2020–a wedding and honeymoon–are currently on pause, that doesn’t mean you can’t get started planning for 2021 or 2022. Spend the day organizing and strategizing an itinerary for your future honeymoon.

Relive Your First Date

What better way to celebrate your love for each other on your original wedding day than by reliving your first date? If you’re able to go to that spot, spend the afternoon talking through what you remember. If you can’t go in-person, recreate that atmosphere in your living room. If it was at a coffee shop, have them ship you the coffee beans so you can brew the drinks you both sipped on your first date. If it was a restaurant, head to the grocery store and have a fun time preparing the meals both of you ate way back when.

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