10 Popular Wedding Registry Items for 2020

Coronavirus has many couples rethinking their gift picks.

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What 2020 Couples Need

Curating items for your wedding registry can be one of the most fun and exciting parts of the wedding process. In past years, wedding registries were usually filled with standard household items and appliances that couples would use for special occasions and everyday moments. But this year, with the pandemic upping the amount of time people are spending at home, wedding registries have gotten a makeover.

Wondering what the most popular items are that couples are adding to their list this year? Here’s the top 10.

Meal Delivery Services

Home cooking has been a big trend in 2020 due to the shutdowns and restrictions caused by the pandemic. While kitchen supplies and appliances have always been a staple on wedding registries, this year, couples who want to add a little outside flavor to their meals are opting-in on meal delivery services. That way, they can save time preparing food throughout the day and eat-up something extra delicious that’s delivered straight to their door.

TV Screens and Sound Systems

Home entertainment is high up on the registry list this year. For many people, TV’s serve as one of the most popular ways to stay entertained as they stay at home. Couples are not only asking for bigger and better TV’s but upgraded sound systems to go with it. Asking guests to chip in for these electronics helps turn any couple’s living room into a mini at-home theatre.

Workout Equipment

Many couples spend the months leading up to their wedding getting in good shape and finding new ways to increase their overall health so that they can feel incredible on their big day. But, with many gyms closed or revamped with restrictions due to the pandemic, couples are asking for workout equipment. For some, a set of weights will do, while others are asking for big ticket items like a cycling bike, treadmill or even a year’s subscription to their favorite virtual workout class.

A Virtual Interior Designer

Creating a registry is the perfect opportunity to ask for all those household items you know you’ll need as you get comfy in your new married life. Since couples are spending more time lounging and living in their houses, they are looking for more than just a set of new sheets and towels. A lot of couples are eager to redecorate their home or hire a decorator to design their future house. This year, couples have turned to asking guests for sessions with virtual interior designer services like Heavenly or Decorist as low-cost items on their registry.

Streaming Service Gift Cards

One of the most popular kinds of gift cards that 2020 couples are putting on their registry are ones for streaming services. With the rise of new platforms–from Disney+ to Peacock–couples are using their down time until their future wedding to explore the new shows out there.

A Personalized Portrait

Frames are a popular registry gift that a lot of guests give as a personalized item for the couple to display in their home. But this year, since a lot of engagement photos are getting delayed and weddings are postponed, couples are asking for a different kind of gift they can show-off sooner–a personalized portrait. Whether it’s through a service like Etsy or asking guests to hire a local artist to paint it, this unique and meaningful gift has found its way to 2020 registries.

Coffee Table Games

A big trade-off for the popular registry item of local experiences (like food tours or theatre tickets) and honeymoon activities (like a hot air balloon ride or a wine tasting experience) are items that the couple can dive into and enjoy right now. Many of the fun items popping up on registries are at-home games. Couples are saying hello to adding board games, doing virtual scavenger hunts and puzzles to their 2020 registry.

Security Cameras

With the rise of people spending more time at home, they are using their wedding registry as a way to add a spark of technology to their home with cameras. One of the most popular items on registries is a doorbell camera where people can see who is at the front door or get a notification if someone is approaching their property.

Wine Subscription Club

A hugely popular alternative to asking guests for a future winery experience is adding a wine club subscription to the registry. This lets couples bring monthly cheers of fun to at-home date nights and lets them feel like they are tasting different grapes of the world without leaving their kitchen table.

Cash Funds

With so much unknown floating through the world, couples are opting out of long-listed registries with items they don’t know if they will need or have space for in the immediate future. Instead, they are setting up a cash fund as a way for guests to help support them now, so they can plan to use it later when things settle down.

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