What You Need to Know Before Buying a Wedding Ring Online

7 tips from wedding expert Jen Glantz.

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Buy Without Regrets

Buying an engagement ring or wedding band might be one of the most expensive purchases you make. While buying a ring can be exciting, it’s also a decision swarmed with stress. If you’re hoping to make the process easier by shopping online, here’s what you should know about buying a ring on the internet before you pull out your card or fall in love with the diamond of your dreams.

Find a Trusted Jeweler

When you search for anything online, you can find yourself overwhelmed by information, choices and options. But, before you fall in love with a particular ring, make sure you start your search by creating a list of only trusted jewelers, so you know whose website to browse and whose to skip.

Ask friends and family members for recommendations and search for online jewelers with good reputations, extensive FAQs and a transparent return policy, as well as clear imagery and descriptions of every ring they sell.

Verify the Certificate

If you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring, make sure the online jeweler offers a lab certificate that confirms the quality of the diamond. Be sure to look for GIA or AGS certified diamonds, which are well-known and very widely used in the diamond industry to qualify and authenticate diamonds.

Eyeball the Reviews

Scan the website and other independent sites for testimonials and reviews of the online store. Try to get a good feel for how the entire process was for the customer and see if it’s the same kind of buying process you’re comfortable entertaining for the ring. If you want a final check, ask the jeweler for references of recent customers you can call to see how the process was for them. That way, you’ll be able to vet the jeweler to the best of your ability before making an expensive purchase.

Know the Return Policy

While the thought of returning the ring might not be one that’s on the top of your mind, understanding the website's full return policy should be a must before you hand over your credit card and buy. Understand if they offer free returns, exchanges or full money-back if you don’t like the ring once you receive it in the mail. If the site doesn’t share anything about their return policy, email or phone them to learn more.

See it Virtually Before Buying it

Since pictures don’t always portray what the ring really looks like in person, try narrowing down a few options and ask the online store if you can video chat with them to see your options. This way you can see how it looks in a more dynamic way before making a final decision and purchasing.

Make Sure They Insure the Shipment

What you don’t want to hear after you’ve dropped thousands of dollars on an engagement ring or wedding band is that it got lost in the mail. Pay attention to the store’s shopping policy and find a reliable site that insures their packages (and covers the shopping cost). If you won’t be home to sign for the package, see if the jeweler can send it via USPS, FedEx or to a UPS pickup destination.

Take Your Time & Ask for Advice

Start the ring buying process early, especially when shopping online where you might feel extra overwhelmed by the options. Take your time to vet the online store and pick out a ring or diamond that fits your criteria. Ask jewelers for advice or even recommendations of where you should shop online to get a second opinion. When making a big and important purchase like this one, time and research will work hand-in-hand with making sure you buy the right ring at the right price.

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