You’re Engaged! Here’s the First 8 Things You Need to Do

It’s wedding planning time.

By: Amanda Mushro

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What to do After Getting Engaged

It’s happening! Your love finally popped the question and you, of course, said yes. You’ve got a shiny new engagement ring, so what do you do next? After the initial shock and excitement, stress can make starting your wedding planning confusing. So, take a deep breath, get another good look at that gorgeous ring and let’s start planning! These are the first eight things you should do once you are engaged.

Spread the News the Right Way

Before you create the perfect Instagram post of you, your ring and your soon-to-be, make sure you reach out to all of your close family and friends before the news hits social media. You don’t want to start this process with hurt feelings.

Secure the Ring

It just landed on your finger and you never plan on taking it off. However, now is the time to get your ring sized and insured. Yes, this means you may have to turn your ring over to the jeweler for a bit, but you’ll want to make sure it’s protected and doesn’t slip off your finger.

Create a Timeline

Sit down with your fiancé and discuss a realistic timeline. How long do you plan on being engaged? When do you want to get married? How flexible are each of you if these dates don’t work out because a location or vendor is not available. You may have loosely discussed these details before getting engaged, but now it’s officially go time.

Talk Money

Before you start dreaming of flowers, cake and the dress, talk budget. Who is paying for what? How much will you be spending? Where will you need to save money, and where are you willing to spend money?

Discuss the Guest List

Before you start researching locations for your big day, make sure you, your fiancé and your families are on the same page when it comes to the number of wedding guests. This will help you choose a location and not have your heart broken if the venue you love doesn’t hold the number of guests you are inviting.


The wedding planning process can be stressful, so take this time to enjoy such a wonderful event in your life. Plan a date with your finance, plan a party with your friends and family, and get your nails done, girl, because you are going to be showing that ring off a lot.

Dive into Inspiration

If you have been secretly gazing at flower arrangements online and binging “Say Yes to the Dress” for wedding gown inspiration. Now is the time to take it all in and let those creative juices flow. Plan time for yourself to delve into all things weddings and create a system to organize everything you love.

Talk it Out

We know you’re excited, and you’ve been planning your wedding since — well, you’re not really willing to admit how long it’s been. But before you start planning full speed ahead, sit down and really talk with your partner about what you both envision for the big day. Talk about what you love and what your partner loves, and don’t forget all the things you absolutely do not love. Collaborate to create the wedding you both dream of.

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